What's for dinner?

Discussion in 'The Great Indoors' started by oldskoolgrower, Feb 19, 2009.

  1. My wife has a meeting after work for one of her volunteer organizations, so I'm on my own. I think I am going to make...Eggs Benedict!
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  2. Lol I just asked myself that question!!!

    Shepard's pie sounds delicious tonight :)
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  3. Ohh good stuff. I make that when I have leftover lamb or beef.
  4. Im having spaghetti.Got the water boiling right now.
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  5. We had pasta last night. It was yummy.
  6. pepper jack chicken pasta and veggies
    and caramel apples for dessert

    it was lean cuisine and it was AWESOME
    and only 330 calories
  7. Sounds good.
  8. it was surprisingly good for a microwaved dinner
  9. We're having apple and bacon stuffed pork loin, mashed sweet potatoes and a nice, big homemade salad for dinner. Yum
  10. I just finished making some homemade mashed 'taters (made with Milnot, not milk),

    stovetop dressin',

    and two porkchops.

    I have two more thawing, and on my next pickup, I'm making cannabutter and going to sear chops with it.

  11. My moms bringing me back a 1/2 broasted chicken dinner with fries and a salad

    2 large breasts
    Some Wings, and a leg.
  12. I made turkey breasts stuffed with curried yogurt, cashews and mango chutney and spiced basmati rice w/ vegetables.

  13. Why you people care about calories. IT BULLSHIT! another way of gov scaring you.
    You know you gotta eat the right kind of food, and you won't get fat!
  14. dude i eat cheeseburgers all the time
    i don't exactly care about calories
    but it was nice to know that a big meal wasn't that bad for me haha
  15. Broccoli and cheddar soup in a sour dough bread bowl is what I made.

  16. Ah I see. okay
    I hope I didn't offended/hurt you. :eek:

    I'm going have pancakes, hash browns, eggs, and ham tonight.
    YUM YUM!
  17. i had some spaghetti. with salsa as sauce.. haha.
    i've been on a huge salsa craze. :eek:

  18. ive been crying since i read your post :cry:

    :p hhehe
  19. tacos for the boyfriend and my brother, veggie tacos for myself.

  20. fatty

    Since I'm poor right now, I think I'm going to have a bowl of Grape Nuts and a banana for dinner tonight.... If I had my way? Herb breaded chicken with couscous.

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