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Whats Causing These Headaches?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Crackhead420, Jun 18, 2013.

  1. Ok so I haven't smoked a long time prior to this and generally I don't smoke often. A couple days ago I smoked 0.7 grams of some Amnesia Haze in a joint, I put a tiny line of tobacco in my joint. Not enough to feel the nicotine just to help it burn. This was dank weed as is my usual weed, however I sometimes get headaches after I'm high, so during my high I'm fine but after I get headaches. This isn't because of the quality cause I always get dank not even mids. And I don't think its cause of the tobacco cause I've had cannabis with higher amounts of tobacco and never got a headache from them. So I'm wondering where this headache is coming from?? Its never during my high. I'm not a regular smoker however I don't believe tobacco causes the headaches.
  2. Tainted weed is a possibility. Do you trust your dealer to not mess with the weed? I only say this because I've never heard of someone getting a headache after smoking some 420 (unless it was tainted, I have dumb friends).

    Maybe you're hungry or dehydrated? Just a thought.. While we all may have similar things happening to us while/after we're high, we're all different and it'll affect us all a little different.

    Good luck! :D

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