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  1. so I need to know what is better. someone give me the pros and cons of a bong and a bubbler. 
    I take into consideration the way the smoke goes down. I like smooth hits with less burn something thats not going to make me cough up a lung. 

  2. Bubblers are nice but the problem is the smoke will fill up it's relatively small chamber quite quickly and the smoke will slowly go down your throat as you are still trying to finish the bowl so it can be pretty hard on your throat.

    Of course this won't be a problem if you are happy just taking small hits and clear the chamber as soon as it fills up. Personally I have big lungs so I like big hits that fill up my lungs. That's why I prefer bongs because I can fully milk it and cash the bowl before the smoke even enters my mouth. Know what I mean?

    That being said, some people have sensitive lungs so they can't take big hits and in that case a bubbler would suffice.
  3. I like bubblers because I love too chill out with a smoke sesh and let it last a long time. Bongs are more for ripping ASAP.
  4. so what about a bong with percs and nice ash catchers?
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    The line between bubbler and bongs has long been blurred. The perception of bubblers, most have are the tiny sub 10" jobs. Nowadays you can get them with massive 75mm cans, standing 8" - 10" to the top of the can, with multi-chambers.

    Having quite a few of both, I don't notice a lot of difference between tube/bubbler, except with the different types of percolation. The line is further blurred, by guys putting smaller diameter necks on their tubes, resulting in similar pull of a bubbler, even though your hitting it like a tube. I used to think I had a preference for bubblers, but after a while... it came down to... I just love glass!
  6. Its all preference tbh
    I feel like they can be one in the same. Sometimes its hard to tell if a piece is a bong or bub so I call it a water pipe. 
    I like bubblers because they can be more "portable" than bongs. You dont need as much water and you can hit them on walks and what not. 
    I like bongs because you can rip the fuck out of them and get loaded quickly. 
    Having both has its perks  :bongin:  :smoking:  :ph34r:

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