whats better for outdoor growing, indica or sativa?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by GanjaScout420, Jul 12, 2008.

  1. im thinking about growing a quick autoflowering crop before the season is over, but seeing as i live in New England, weather conditions are a concern for me. So, that being said, which would be more apt to survive indica or sativa?
  2. Indica for sure. A 100% Sativa will take at least a month longer to reach full maturity.
  3. Definitely Indica unless you know how to grow weed in the snow. ;)
  4. As everyone else says - Indica. Been an indica man since I first grew. Sativa takes for ever - tried a sativa strain just the once, I was harvesting the Indica before the sativa began to flower. As I remember I gave up and ripped up the sativa, it was so wispy anyway.
  5. I actually grew both last year. A short dark indica and a tall leggy light green sativa. Side by side 3 feet apart. The sativa was classic like a christmas tree and skinny leaves. The indica finished a month earlier and had fat dense clusters of buds, like balls concentrated on the nodes. The Sativa took till Mid October and was pretty much done, but I had to take it due to impending frost. The sativa buds were spread out between the internodes. I am smoking both now, and I like both. The sativa gives me head rushes, like I am gonna black out when I take big hits...I love that feeling but not when I am driving. The indica rivets me to the couch. Both are good, but for bag appeal and fatter nuggz as well as early harvesting, do the indica.
  6. alright dudes thanks for the advice
  7. Well, if you got a green house you could do sativa.

    You wont have a lot of yield, but it can be done.

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