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What's an 'infraction' on GC forums?

Discussion in 'General' started by 420ape, Apr 23, 2010.

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  1. I got one for asking if a website was legit.
    They guy who sent me the message never replied so I've got this thing for a year and I don't know what it is
  2. if it wasent a mod that sent it, dont worry about it.

  3. it was because when i click on my account at the top it comes up like under subscribed threads is
  4. it should say why you got the infraction.

    I got one once for copyright infringement but i showed the mod that gave it to me proof that i didn't infringe on anything and he reversed it for me.
  5. heading - "Latest Infractions Received"
    date - "4/20/2010"
    expires - "4/15/2011"
    Points - "5"
    Reason - "Posting Porn/nudity (or links)

    it wasn't even a porn website it was like a website for hot female models. IE no nipples, no vagtastic voyages

  6. well... send the mod who gave it to you a PM explaining that.
  7. i did lol but like i said, no reply :(
    but what does an infraction do?

  8. they don't do much

    check out the sticky in the feedback section
  9. PM RMJL about it.
  10. Like was mentioned, check out the sticky on infractions in the feedback forum. ;)

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