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What's a sploof?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by rudyroberts, Aug 24, 2008.

  1. I saw a pic of one on here, but I don't understand what it does and how it's made etc..

    Someone help?

  2. It's a smoke catcher, usually made with a tube (a toilet paper roll, sometimes spare piping, etc.,) tissues, and/or dryer sheets.
  3. what skeeter said
  4. It's also called a bounty hooter sometimes... because you can make it from a bounty tube
  5. Ok, so how would one use it exactly?
  6. Its something you exhale smoke into, it is supposed to kill the smell. There are spoofs and sploofs not sure of the difference. It consists of a tube, one end you put your mouth on, the other end you put a screen of some sort. In the middle you can put an assortment of things, activated carbon, dryer sheets, whatever you want.
  7. Basicaly a toilet tube with grease paper in it stuff down to prevent the smell of smoke when you exhale you exhale into the sploof instead...
  8. i make all mine with plasic works WAYY better than the toilet paper roll. right now the one im usin is out of a 1 liter sparkling water bottle filled withe dryer sheets with 5 slits in the bottom. works like a charm
  9. im sorry to be a dick, but this thread goes in the apprentice toker's section, but as for your question, it filters the smell, and makes you feel sneeky...
  10. Any thread that asks a question should be placed in Apprentice Tokers,
    read the forum descriptions before posting next time homie...
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    Any kind of tube will do. a toilet paper roll, any kind of bottle with the end cut off

    Stick the dryer sheets
    into that tube. Most people put anywhere between 4 - 8 sheets in. I don't like to just put them in flat. I take them out, scrunch them together, mix them up. This helps to let out their smell more. Then stick them in there. Get 1 more sheet and use it to close up the end of the tube. Put it on and tape it down or use a rubber band. You're done.

    right now I'm using a gatorade bottle for one. other names for a sploof/spoof are doob tube and blower. Which is used often.

    here's a video of some kid teaching you how to do it:

    You just exhale into it. Game set. The smoke comes out of the other side and is still visible, but less so, and obviously smells like/more like dryer sheets. I like to blow it into a corner of the room and spray the shit out of it with oust/lysol when it comes out the other side. Not a lot, it probably doesn't even need it.

    I use it with smoke and with my vaporizer so the room doesn't smell like popcorn
  12. A sploof, oh they are so nasty if i told you i'd get banned!

    kidding, looks like everyone has told you already
  13. Cool thanks for the replies guys. Burger kev expecially,
    Sorry about posting it in the wrong place =/
  14. or u can use some carbon and dryer sheets in a tiny plastin bottle
  15. What about the smoke from the cherry, how is that covered up?
  16. hand and lighter
  17. looks like i dont need to tell you what it is, cause everyone else told you what it is
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    you guys do realize this is relatively old right???

  19. no i didn't :smoking:

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