Whats a perfect indoor hydro setup?????

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by juicer.4, Aug 21, 2008.

  1. i was wondering i have a nice size closet and was wondering what would be a good hydro indoor setup for me. i am new to the website , hopefully you guys have good tip and tricks for me..........:wave::wave::wave:

  2. Depends on a lot of factors.
    Here are a couple of questions for you to think about while you read up...

    #1... How much smoke do you need?

    #2 Have you ever grown anything before?

    #3 Are you starting from seeds or clones?

    #4 Is stealth a concern?

    Check the link in my signature below this post for a link for people who are new... It's a link to the recovered FAQ's from overgrow.com

    Also read the stickies in the "Absolute beginners" forum and the "General Indoor" forum

    I always highly recommend the Lucas Formula and a Bubbler Bucket for first grows as it gives excellent results, fast growth and is simple enough to let you focus on the growth characteristics of your plants. (It's also probably the cheapest way to get started :D)

    Once you've read all that and have a better idea on what you're looking at, come by here and post what you're thinking and we'll be glad to help you see what's best for you.
    (Your questions will also be more specific and will be easier for us to answer quickly)

    Grow On! ;)


  3. Hey bro! DO IT! USE IT! GROW IT! SMOKE IT!

    If you have a good closet, you're set. Use a 600w, hydro DWC recirc setup and use a water chiller (either paid for OR use the DIY in my thread to make one). This is the setup I use.... 6 plants, each in a 5gallon bucket, all connected to a central rez which is a 10gal bucket.... works like a champ!

    Keep reading bro! You'll get there!

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