Whats a great auto flower strain?

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  1. Want to kno what y'all think on this one cause I want to smoke sooner but I still want to get f$#ked up u kno so hit me up any one young and old male r female if u smoke then I'm talkin to u
  2. None.....just use a regular strain and flip to flower when you want, not when the plant decides to
  3. Yea that's what I did wit my tangerine dream

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  4. man, put a screen in there
  5. Too late now that next grow just tryin different things till I find shit I like
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    Ok so lowryder 2 can be decent but still some pheno variation there (trust me, done 100 at once), in soil will give 1oz/ plant average, in hydro I've pulled almost 3oz before using them. But to be honest, a stabilised strain like grapefruit can be veg'd a week and flowered finishing at 60cm. Alot of ruderalis crosses are weak and low yielding, so if autos is your direction, get a heavy indi cross. New releases this year are meant to be better with normal plant heights and yields advertised in new gen auto's but I can't vouch for that! Check out the auto mix packs you can buy, atleast you'll get variation!
  7. Cool thanks
  8. Heard good things about lr #2 but haven't grown it myself, if doing an auto that's what I would start with
  9. So that's 2 for low rider
  10. Ok that's 2 for low rider #2 cool

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