What's a good way of giving flavour/scent to your curing buds?

Discussion in 'Harvesting and Processing Marijuana' started by LunarHaze, May 9, 2011.

  1. So I was wondering if there is a way of giving your dried and now curing buds a nice scent and/or flavour, I was thinking of throwing a bit of lemon zest in the glass-sealed jar with the bud? While always being cautious of mold appearance of course, i.e. opening the jar daily and checking.

    Any other ideas/suggestions?
  2. I'm sure some inexperienced smokers would find certain flavorings appealing but I think the average seasoned pot smoker would consider extra flavors to be unnatural. Good pot smells and tastes unique. There's just no substitute imo. For better/different flavors, you might try looking into new strains.
  3. I read you can put a little vanilla extract or which ever you prefer , to lthe lid of the canning jar let it dry then put cap on curing jar- no big deal not too strong just something fun and different for personal tastes
  4. Just cure it for awhile. Dont try to add stuff to add flavor can cause mold or funky smells or make it harsher. Good weed smells good.
  5. A good way to give your tree some scent is to grow the weed that has the characteristics you are looking for. Grow some lemon haze. Adding anything to the jar, especially moisture, will rot ur buds. You will get mold. Have you ever smelled a lemon rind that's a couple days old in a moist environment. YUCK!! Vanilla extract huh? That sounds vomit inducing when mixed with chlrorophyll break down during curing. Isn't good weed good enough? :smoke:
  6. Grow good weed, and each strain smells very unique ..
  7. I have passed many biology classes, chemistry classes, botany classes and have a BA....

    You simply cannot "flavor" weed like the myths claim. If I made weed flavored extract and gave it to ANY other flower/fruit on the face of this earth it would not smell or taste like weed. If I feed chickens to a cow, the cow does not taste like a chicken. Seriously call Oaksterdam and tell them about your flavoring theories and see what they say about em.

    It's ALL BS. Plants will only absorb what they need from what you feed it. The roots act as a filter, not a straw.
  8. Only way I could think of would be prior to smoking, not during the curing phase. I know there are tobacco flavoring oils which actually do change the taste and aroma of the smoke. I tried the "Awesome Apple" flavor on a spliff I rolled and it was simply splendid. If anyone is interested I order from Tasty Puff for the oils.
  9. Right there, grow organic, then you will know flavor

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