Whats a good sized pot for outdoor growing?

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    I recently got a hold of some NYC Diesel seeds that I am planning to grow outside. I'm planning on having the in pots just because I don't have time to work the land and not trying to attract any attention if you know what I mean. Anyway i was planning on growing it in two gallon pots but they are really big and a hassle to carry. I know I would loose out on the yeild but would the plant survive in a one gallon pot or smaller? I also heard that the NYCD grows really tall and big outdoors, would a smaller pot also decrease the height? This is only my second time growing and a few of my plants got jacked last year so im trying to keep things on the down low.
  2. Start it in a 1 gallon pot sure... bury the pot into a hole, make sure to cut some large holes in bottom for roots.
  3. Yes, smaller pots will make them shorter and so yield less. For me, pots are good if the area is undiggable and also to move the plants a couple times in the season to get a fresh spot (tracks). I use a wheel barrow to move heavy things. 10 gallons is a decent size (big enough) but not too big tha you can't move them. For height you can LST them. Sometimes, pots can be even more visible than holes. I dog my holes at night. If a ripper is on to your spot, whether it's 1 gallon or 10 gallons or a hole, if the spot isn't safe it'll be stolen all the same. You should be 99% sure of your spots and then choose pots for moving around or if it's impossible to dig. If you can dig, do it, as 1 huge tree in a hole will yield as much as 30 little 1 gallon pots you know (and easier to water/manage). Good luck!
  4. Thats one of the problmes the land is hard to work with i tried digging but i kept hitting rocks a huge tree roots. What's LST??
  5. Low stress training I think. It just means tying the plant down so it's less visible. It also yields more. You an also pinch the tops ("fim" or "top")so it yields more and is less tall.

    I use a pick ax and you can see on my thread (outdoor journal) that I hit some massive rocks but with the pick ax, was able to remove them. (a shovel is no good in my area).
  6. Plus, small pots will dry up real quick. Bigger pots (with 3/4 plugs of course) will hold more. Holes even more. Depends on expo and soil mix too (add vermiculite, peat to hold water). See stickies.;)
  7. Is it possible for the plant to outgrow the pot. i've heard the if you use too small of a pot the roots wont be able to grow any further and the plant will die off, is this true?
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    Not die off, but small pots do mean small plants. Because the size of the rootball is restricted.
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    what do you think about the strain? Would NYCD have time to harvest in a northern climate, lets say near Toronto, Canada? I did some research the strain is 60% sativa and 40% indica.
  10. Look at the finishing times on the site you bought them from. I don't think it's very early though...
  11. Look into grow bags, you can carry several in your back pocket, and be able to go with a larger size. Larger pot size = bigger yield and as stated above, smaller pots will dry out quicker. Check out these 30 gallon bags:
    Botanicare® 30 Gallon Camo Grow Bag


    There are also smaller bags available, but are black in color.
  12. That is a really good idea. Would I be able to use industrial size garabe bags and just punch holes in them? Whats so special about these bags?
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    I know that the contractor's type bags at Lowes and Home Depot are pretty heavy duty....with holes punched in the side and bottom they'd probably work in a pinch. They are 40 or 45 gallons however, and would be pretty heavy to move about. I think the camo bags are about the right size for handling, plus they wouldn't stand out like black.............both the camo bag and the contractors bags are 6 mil plastic. Really the only thing special about these bags are that they are camofloauged.
  14. Im going to home depot tomorrow to check it out. Maybe i could cut the bags and make them a bit shorter.
  15. Or, simply roll the top down like a cuff. It would give a little more sturdy handle to grab.
  16. The Nyc Sour D is going to Take 9.5 to 10 weeks to flower. The Sour D yields alot if given the chance a 10 gallon trash can would help getting the most bang for your buck.....or a wine barrel if you dont have to move it. Have A good grow season
  17. yooo planting any kind of weed plant outdoors in a pot smaller than five gallons is a really bad idea. Not only because it would outgrow a 1 or 3 gallon pot in about a month but you would have to water it everyday or multiple times a day just to keep it alive. if you dont want to invest any effort then just quit now and save yourself some time. personally i grow in 20 gal containers(from walmart) outside, and thats perfect. it just enough room to grow 8 ounces of dryed bud on each plant with FIM. But because the plants are not in the ground i do have to water about every three or four days.

    if you want a huge tip for growing in containers go out and buy mycorrhizae innoculant and add it to the soil when you transplant the plants in the containers, IT WILL DOUBLE THE SIZE OF YOU PLANTS. look it up....

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