What's a cute original way to ask my girlfriend to prom?

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by nativetongues, Mar 30, 2012.

  1. Title pretty much explains itself.
  2. Write, "Want to go to prom with me?" on your junk. Then 'flash' her. She'll fall in love.

    Or write it on your ass and send her a pic of it via cell phone.

  3. It will take practice, but blaze it up with her and blow out smoke letters and spell it out that way.

    Works every time.

  4. this ^

    never going to hear a better piece of advice
  5. Y'all are forgetting the always classic murder her parents and write "Prom?" in their blood...


    To be a little more serious (but just a little): OP, it's hard for any of us to tell you a good way to do it. It depends entirely on the girl you're trying to ask. Some girls you can push their buttons a little more, some you have to be more subtle. Some want something public, some want something private. Basically, we can't tell you. Ask people who know her.

  6. Purchase a prom-dress book. Wrap it up, put a bow on it. Attach a nice card to it (chicks dig cards) for the occasion. Write a nice message in it and ask "Will you be my prom-date?" Then she'll proceed to say yes. When she opens the book, she'll see the book of prom-dress's and EAT IT UP.

    Good luck brah.:cool:
  7. I got some white glow stars and went in her room when she was at work, then when she went to bed they lit up on her roof. man i do to much for that crazy bitch >.<
  8. ^Knows whats up.

    I wrote prom? on a joint and "proposed" to her. She said it was the gayest shit shes ever seen and we laughed for days about it. It's all about your style mang.
  9. Get "prom ?" or "will u go to prom with me" designed on ur hair.
  10. If I was asking my girlfriend to prom I would just say "So are we going to prom?"

    I guess I'm not the romantic type haha.
  11. you could make a puzzle and have her put it together where it asks her to prom. depends if she is your girlfriend though haha.
  12. "hey, do you wanna get high and fuck like crazy after we go to prom?"

    when she's like "wtf, you're crazy"

    be like "okay, let's just go to prom then"
  13. Write the letters P and R on your left asscheek and write M and "?" on the right asscheeks. When you see her, bend over and spread your asscheeks apart and say "will you go to prom with me?"
  14. Nvm she asked me.
  15. Way to let everyone down, I HOPE YOUR HAPPY.
  16. Yeah I am. Now I get to go to prom
  17. Should have busted a nut on her chest and spelled it out.
  18. the best thing u can do is skip prom

    what a fukcing waste of money,..u or ur parents are going to drop at least a couple hundred on this (kids in my class spent like 5 bills) and ur not even going to have fun until the afterparty

    do what i did, skip prom, save money, pregame until prom is over and people are going to the afterparty, go to the afterparty, have fun, try to get laid

    i will never regret not going to prom...its really nothing more than a stupid, overpriced, and overhyped dance...and part of me has no idea why high school kids want girlfriends either, like HS girls suck so bad
  19. I thought prom was un-real. It was a blast. We go to dave n busters one night, and afterwards go on this boat til prtty late (big yacht). Then the prom itself is in the city (Chicago). It was unreal. The after party is pretty awesome too - totally worth it in my opinion.
  20. Spell "go to prom with me" in your semen on her bed.

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