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What's 80 to 100 dollars worth of weed suppose to look like in NY?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Play_Dead, Nov 10, 2016.

  1. I live in Long Island NY and I've never spent money on more than an 8th for $40 because I'm broke, unless I was throwing in money with somebody else. But really I just buy dubs for $20. Most dealers I know sell you a decent dub and it's like 1.5 grams (almost, it really looks like 1.3) and if you spend 15$ for a dub it obviously looks like it and that's just as of recently. I use to spend $20 for what looked like it should of been $10 tops in the same town. I guess my dealers just like to suck dick I don't know... My current dealer said his dubs are 1.8 but I don't have my own scale and I personally doubt it based off what the pictures of that look like on google. I can't talk I don't have a scale. Anyway. I wanted to get my boyfriend a good amount of weed as a welcome back belated birthday gift. I doubt 60 dollars would be shit. Neither would $70. So I'm thinking $80...? I still feel like that's not gonna be shit so I was contemplating $100 but I feel like it's gonna look disappointing. It's between 80 and 100 dollars. I'm getting a job some time this week so I'll just buy more but I'm not sure if I'm gonna end up getting a little less had I paid for it all together. Meaning like if I buy 80 dollars, get money then buy like 40 it's not gonna be the same amount as if I just paid for 120 all in one shot. Can someone respond who actually knows what's up especially in NY or even Long Island with picture references...they can be from google.
  2. Please, can some kind of basic competency test be enacted before new members are allowed to post.
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  3. #3 Play_Dead, Nov 10, 2016
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    What's the issue. Why are you bitching. I'm asking for info on what certain amounts of weed look like. Is it that I'm in New York or is it that I don't know what it's suppose to look like which is why I asked just like it looked like this forum was for. Asking about shit you don't know about. If it's really because I'm in New York then wow. Anybody saying anything else would be obviously looking for something to bitch about. So genuinely what are you bitching about. Enlighten me on how I fucked up. Am I suppose to not discuss actual weed prices or info. Is that it. Is that an issue on grasscity.
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  4. #5 Bowlomitemountains, Nov 10, 2016
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    Fwiw, we used to drive to Southeast D.C. to get dubs for $20 about twenty years ago. It was shwag, and probably a little underweight, but it still "looked" like it weighed. It got us high at least. You probably want to switch up connections if you can.

    You probably know this already, but in case you don't, whenever anyone is hooking you up - for profit - tells you that the weed is really good, it's either weak or bunk and they probably even know that it is.
  5. Yeah Bowlomite I've had dealers give me fat dubs and eighths that I'd face and still feel no difference at all off of (wtf) I've had a dealer skimp the fuck out of me and say it's because his bud was great quality and it was literally the opposite. Worst dealer. He'd give everyone crumbs but he was a last resort kind of guy. This 1.8 guy's bud actually gets me pretty high off like 5 or so bong hits but the weed I've been getting in general around here has been doing that lately. It's like all the dealers got an upgrade or something. Don't know. I feel like this guys shit isn't actually 1.8 though because it doesn't look like it but I don't see him lying about something like that when anybody could whip out a scale. Either way I just wanna know what a sort of impressive amount would look like. Def not an 8th so probably not even 60 or 70..
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  6. I think one of the things Mack D was referring to was that you can't go by looks to tell shit, I've had stuff where an oz. and a half only half filled a jar where something else would fill the jar at an oz. and a half. It depends on the density of the buds.
    Looks like you already answered your own question anyway, you said you buy an 8th for $40, sounds like $80 should be a quarter and like I said, you can't go by looks because it goes by weight and all buds are not created equally.
    Same deal with the joints you're buying and trying to compare them to pics online?! Not going to tell you anything, just something to drive yourself nuts with.
    And yeah, some dealers are just jackasses, that's always a factor too.
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  7. #8 Play_Dead, Nov 10, 2016
    Last edited: Nov 10, 2016
    Oh, okay Papa_Indica Well that's all he had to say, damn.... I barely know what's up and admitted that but really my bad. I kind of had a feeling that it wouldn't all be the same because density varies, it's just that for the most part I feel like it would look roughly similar. I'm just trying to make sure I don't pay for what should of been like a half or almost half full little zip lock bag and then see that it's just filled enough to sit at the bottom. That crappy crumbs dealer would do something like that.

    And considering that I got this better guy, I don't know what 100 dollars worth of weed would really look like from him. I'd probably get awkward if I asked to see and he showed me if I started hesitating.
  8. Get yourself some scales if you're concerned about getting ripped off, you can get some decent digital scales for like $10 these days and weigh it up yourself to see what you're getting. Knowledge is power and not having any way to know what you're getting for your money gives you no leg to stand on when talking to these guys because you're just going by looks.
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  9. I honestly am.. They're sold in smoke shops?

    nvm got it
  10. You should be able to find them in most smoke shops, you might find a better deal and certainly a wider variety by shopping online. Amazon has all kinds of them. I'm sure you could get them here at Grasscity too.
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  11. That should buy you about a quarter ounce
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  12. 80 or 100?

    I just asked my dealer how much he sells 14 grams for, I feel like that was a dumb question to ask him and officially look retarded but fuck it. Should of probably asked for his prices in general.
  13. If this helps, here's 1 quarter oz split in half. This weighs. Sorry about the pic quality, Play Dead, my camera phone doesn't do well under lower light.

  14. 80 to 100 like you said. 100 is pretty standard but nothing to be happy about. 80 imo would be a good deal. Things vary city to city, town to town, dealer to dealer.
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  15. They're selling a product and you are the customer, you're under no obligation to buy if you think it's a shitty deal. You wouldn't feel obligated to buy something you didn't want from Wal-Mart, would you?
    Just tell them flat out that it doesn't look very good. Ask questions about pricing, don't give someone the third degree but, there's nothing wrong with wanting to know what you're going to get for your money and making sure you get it.
    There's a fine line there of course, some will say you either want their stuff or you don't, or even just send you out the door if you get too carried away but, nothing wrong with looking out for yourself though.
    It would never happen but, if you were getting a bag from me and didn't think you were getting what you should, I'd let you watch me weigh it up, but that's me I guess.
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  16. Thanks bowlomite that seriously does help. The quality's fine.
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  17. I think so... probably wouldn't make a big enough difference I guess I'll just ask to see in person what the differences are and if anything buy another when I get the extra money
  18. Play Dead, the dub sacks were $20 back then, but they were closer to being a little over a dime, when I think about it. Not a whole lot we could do as teenagers from the suburbs heehee.

    Anyway, I'd still like you even if you didn't get me a present.
  19. I'm not to sure with NY but I'd imagine 70-100 just depending on the person should get you a quarter... I wouldn't specifically ask for 80 worth of weed I'd say I'm looking at getting a quarter and see what they charge.
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