what? you're a virgin, haven't been drunk, haven't smoked ANYTHING???? ARe you sure?

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  1. I'm almost drinking age. What if I told you I've never had more than one sip of alchohol at one time before? Would you believe me? It's so available these days. What if I told you I've never smoked ANYTHING. Would you beleive me? What if I told you I am a virgin. Could that be possible? Do you know anyone that hasn't been drunk, had sex, and done drugs?
  2. yyyeeeeeaaaaahhhhh sounds like my staid cousin thats totally common ovah here in fact the people that are doing the things u stated are the minoritys on this side adding cannabis to sex and alkeehol~~~> eye aint really down with u make it seem like its a screwed up teen phase thing wich is totally wrong but it might be me and my altered perception...???????

    GROWW ONN-peace o u t
  3. uhh, yea I wuz like that all my life........ until I turned 14......
  4. the first time i drank i was like 6 yrs old, uh most the people i know that don't drink or do drugs goes out and fucks everyone they can.

  5. Yes she is our bookeeper at work. She is 47 yrs old and weighs in just at 400 lbs and has the looks that would stop a charging elephant and make him cry.

    But what's worse, she goes on-line to chatrooms to meet men and describes herself as an aging beauty queen....

  6. hahaha....yeah. That would suck if I were old like that..and fat like that and such a sleeze.It surprises people at how sheltered I am sometimes. I surprise myself. I don't know, must have been the home schooling. I weigh 115....I'm not a bookeeper, actually I ride horses. woohoo! My name is Ashley...I'm a lot younger than 47. Almost 20 actually but people say I look younger. HOME SCHOOLERS are awesome, but I have to say, I was sheltered. so sheltered! :nods head:
    It's kids like me that go to college and goooo crrrraaazzzy.

    Anyways, it's all gravy. I've wanted to try drugs before. My friend used to do almost everything but then he had to go off into the army and had to clean up. He said it is worth everyone trying at least once. He said he liked it A LOT.
    Now you prolly wanna know why I'm in here 'cause I don't know a thing about drugs! I'm doing a research report on drugs...I got bored and decided to type messages!
    Peace everyone!
    love ya.
  7. actually when my boy came back from a while in the service he said he never seen so many drugs before in his life that it was better than college just without the gurls (dont ask) and arent home schoolers peeps that are mentored at home? damn that must rrreeaaallllyyyy suck i mean god u missed out onn sooo much if thats what i think it is but hey umm yeah lol....115 is pretty aahhh....thin lol dont wanna be cavil just a comment lol and well thass it heheh PAZ

    GROWW ONN-peace o u t
  8. yep. My mom teaches me school at home. Almost drinking age...hmmmm.....eh, yeh, I'm 18...a few more years... that's close enough. It does suck, I didn't want to homeschool through high school especially. Latas~ Ashley

  9. well, what the fuck are you waiting for? :smoking:

    damn.. steal some alchohol from your parents and get to it.. get someone to smoke you up.. youll be amazed at what you were missing :) soo many experiences, soo little time.. and get laid too ;)

    life is short
  10. Alright. Thanks phunkyphil. You just got it all figured out. Unfortunatelly it's not that easy. Ha. My mom thought I had had sex...she came in my room yesterday and was asking me if I was pregnant and told me I prolly had STDs. WHOA! I'm still a virgin. I don't think she believes me. She's a parent that is all up in everything I do. monitors about everything I do. oh well..............................
  11. well i feel for ya. sry to hear you live a sheltered life. u can't learn anything about real life unless u live. but eventually u will. keep in mind your mothers intentions are good.... but you really should try and get out more. go smoke a pinner with someone u trust and relax, have some fun!

  12. Don't feel bad, when I was growing up, I had a strict, strict parent. My mother was a school teacher and she brought that home with her. Straight A's or I was grounded......so I had to sneak around and do what I wanted to do. I wish I had an open relationship with my mother and I still do and I'll be 25 this month. My mom has never drank, smoked, and the only person she ever had sex with was my dad (after they were married). But I respect her for that. I just wish she would respect the way that I have chosen to live my life.

    She has tried to put me in counceling. When she found out I had had sex, I thought I saw her head spin around. I live with my b/f and she thinks I will rot in hell for the rest of my life because I have sinned. But anyway......it does get better. There is always ways around what parents tell you you can and can't do. It sucks to have to betray their trust, but if they aren't willing to be open then you have to do what you have to do.

  13. well, just wait until she leaves the house, and then carefully steal a little (not noticable) bit of achohol, being sure to put the bottles back EXACTLY as they were.. for the bud, just make sure that youre in a safe environment like a friends house until youre COMPLETELY sober.. i know sometimes it can be hard when youre living with strict parents, but just remember that there is always a way, and that absolutely NOONE has the right to control your life like that.. despite their good intentions. it sounds like you need to stop worrying about what your mom thinks as much.. after all, it seems like she already assumes the worst, and trusts you much less than you deserve. sometimes when you take charge of your own life, your parents realize that they cant shelter you forever, and that you are now a independant person with your own morals and beliefs.. just make sure to stay responsible too

    anyways, good luck! i hope everything works out for you, no matter what you do
  14. phil is that what u had to do back in tha day 4 a lil alkehol? lol im Mexican so my parents ENCOURAGED me to drink its a MANS thing hehehe i hate drinking i juss do it when theres no reffer around for a while ...wow that chick is a virgin thats totally admirable a bunch of people folded ...lol but thats tru what Daiseyduked said u need to live ur life out to actually gain knolledge on how life really is u kno live life mess up avoid messing up and so on and so fourth i kno theres a better term for ALL this and u can say it aticulately but imma not do that cause im in a ~RELAXATION~ mode but for real get out there GUrL well thass bout it...im done...have fun people

    GROWW ONN-peace o u t
  15. People who understand. Thanks guys! Phunkyphil, we don't keep alcohol in my house...except maybe beer for Dad when he gets home from work and Mom has dinner ready right when he walks in the door. And my momma doesn't trust me, 'cause in her words "I keep screwing up." I snuck out the house a few times and went skinny dippin in the community lake....they found out 'cause they dig through my stuff..she read an e-mail and I had told someone (she's a hacker...ooooo). That's why they don't trust me...and once I wasn't home at 7 p.m. sharp for dinner....they grounded me for three days. Anyways, I wear a watch now...and I'm going to Texas at the end of the month for almost half a year so maybe it'll be more interesting. I just don't want to get out on my own and go crazy....have NO control over myself, you know? Lots of people have seen my personality and said I'm most definetly going go wild 'cause I'll have the whole freedom and the actual unsheltered world that my parents were hiding from me, all of a sudden plopped down on my lap and I won't know what to do.
  16. I would love to stand up to my mother...but I'm scared of her.... I know she loves me and wants what's best for me, but I'm scared she'll throw me out (she threatens) and I really NEED to finish highschool (it's a must)...and since she's my teacher...............
    So, I've got to keep the peace....and either I'm not a good sneak or she has tracking devices, because I don't seem to get away with anything...hahah.
  17. quick comment my moms said she would kick me out if i ever smoked ...ive been smoking fir more than 3 years in mah ROOM lol and she also threatened to kick me out if i EVER so much as had seeds and a pot...its my second grow theyre 2 months in ...what im saying is it might be a bluff but i dont think shes doing that bad to a point where u would leave am i right? or is it that bad? damn once u leave that nest lol u wont be back and outside that tree ...where the nest is located its gonna look like a damn forrest with alot of animasl...??? damn well i think its a good analogy lol THATS WHAT SHWAG DOES TO YAH..peace

    GROWW ONN-peace o u t
  18. parents that smother their children end up like you. i bet your mom was to worried about you to let you go to school with other kids. and im sorry to even say it but i bet your definition of a friend is an online friend but that doesnt even count, i agree, your missin out on life skills of communication and varyin ideas on life. different and interesting people. damn , so much life that your not livin, no culture and no interaction, no social interests and no contrast. a bad eacher, a girlfriend, good bud, a bad trip, its all experiences that develope into philosophy and outlooks on life. contrast is what people need to appreciate but you havent even had the chance to. and thats evil that mothers and fathers can actually have the chance and be able to fail their children to be able to control. violence is never what gets the right message but if my dad did that, im pretty sure he would be wheelin around in a wheel chair the rest of his life.im sorry you live like this
    peace and love

  19. Bud-E I agree with you strongly on most part, but what gives you the right to make those judgements about him/her? What did you mean when you said "I'll bet your definition of a friend is an online friend. You tell her there's so much life she's not living, no culture, no interaction???? Dude maybe you meant that in a different way and it just came out wrong or im reading this all wrong, but that is fucked up to say. Yeah people who are abused often come out the wrong way, but this doesnt mean you have the right to make judgements on her and what not....She could just as easily be a real bright, funny, and sophisticated person. You never know and thats why you never say shit like that over the internet.......

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