what you smoke out of before school/work.

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  1. Hey guys. post a pic of whatever you normally toke before school/work. wether its a blunt a joint or a piece. i want to see!!

    to start it off. i usually roll a .5 swisher twice a week for the mornings before school. im in high school still so i have to wake up at 6. its refreshing.

  2. I usually don't have much time in the morning before I leave for work, so I just try to smoke as much as I can out of my RooR. But then again, if I'm home, I'm always smoking out of the RooR.
  3. what ever man just post pics!!! thats why this is here to show pieces and your feelings about them or your rolls normally every morning/:hello:
  4. joint, iolite, or volcano before school
  5. This is Lucky:

    I smoke her whenever im not at home and want to smoke a quick bowl or take a hit real fast. shes small enough to fit in my hand without anyone noticing its there. perfect for smoking in the parking lot before class (yay community college haha).
  6. I always used my bowl or roll a swisher.
  7. My Toro or a J once in a blue moon.
  8. Roll up a joint or fill a trench in my mflb(if the batteries are charged).
  9. Unfortunately ive been just packing a few hitters omw to wherever im going. Been to busy in the AM to be able to sit down and enjoy smoking out of anything but. (though i guess i am sitting in my car...)
  10. i either vape before school, or hit a j on my way there. As for work, I'd get fired if I showed up high, and being high is not worth my job.
  11. Swisher Sweets no Phillys every single morning before school!!!

    1.5 grammers
  12. woohoo mflb!!

  13. I don't smoke before work. Wait 'til afterward. Smoke out of my bong 70% of the time. Rest is when I don't have water/want a quick toke and I use my pipe.

  14. word...:smoke:
  15. rolled a swisher today
  16. orange kush from a zong

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