What you never wanna say to your significant other!

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  1. Lmao, what just happened got me thinkin, could this be a possible thread? and BAM!, here it is..

    Well, i was talking to ma girl on msn and she's like "my uncle died this morning" and I was like "hahaha, sorry to hear..." and shes like "why are you laughing!:mad: " and i was like "...uh...i just smoked a blunt...im stoned...:smoke: " and shes like "you're a fucking asshole!" and then she blocked me haha..

    But what im askin ya'll is; What are some of things you've said to other people while being stoned that wasn't the best choice of words haha.
  2. "No! They'll be expecting that..."

    - Me, trying to chose a drink at the local 7-11.

    I guess I haven't said very many stupid things when high, but that one slipped out before I even realized I said it... so I guess it qualifies.
  3. hahahaha you fucked up dude..sorry

    but yea just today i was semi-wiggling my girlfriends thigh cuz i just do it idk. anyay she said "stop it, you're trying to make me look fat"...what i meant to say was, "I could never make you look fat"...what came out was "i dont have to try".. HAHAHA FUCK that was a loooong ride.
  4. \

    oh my god dude hahah that was so funny

    oh man im stoned:smoking:
  5. i learned this the hard way.... when i was high as shit, and talking to this really cute girl i was trying to get with....

    she asked me if i dealt, i was like "hahaha, im not your ex bf silly".... and her ex bf was a biggg dealer.... but anyways... haha yah.... shouldn't have said that to put it BLUNTly.... ya get it ya get it ya get it?! hahaha..... yah..... umm...... yah it was prtty bad...... smoke on!
  6. "Come on after the first two abortions the third should be no problem"

    Haha kidding (sorry if that offended someone)

    Only thing i can think of is when my ex g/f asked me how some pants she had on looked. The bad thing is that my sister had the same ones and i said "They look better on my sister" Awkkkkkwarrrrrd.
  7. I made little kissy noises one time ( like when you call your dog or something), She didnt think it was as funny as i did.
  8. When ever my girl is eating something that I want, I always would say "You sure you want to eat that? You know where it's going...." and she would get pissed off at me and I got the food.... hah... yeah... I'm a jackass!!! lol but it's all in good fun.
  9. I say the wrong thing way too often. But its not even something bad! My girfriend is very straightedged and she does not like that I smoke or support smoking. SHe wont even have a glass of wine, its fine, but she makes me feel like an asshole threefold.

    One thing I dont like about some women, *Or with anyone, shit* .. They try to make it off like they know mroe about you than YOU do! Fucking sad! Like, I'll be talking to someone, tell them.. Say as an example Coffee makes me tired *which it does, i have a cup of coffee, im out like a light* and they say 'I highly doubt that' .. they wont even give me an 'I'll take your word for it!' Fucking assholes.

    Sorry, Ive had a very bad night. Im feeling a bit lonely and mild bodily depression.. Then again I have the City! And Mountain Dew...
  10. sorry to hear that durchii, feel better man :smoke:

    i dont have a significant other, therefore i cannot fuck up with something i say :)

    although i do tend to slip up and say stupid shit to people anyways. My brains says something and i am like "oh thats a good idea" but it never comes out right(cant think of a specific example right now)

    btw, scooby, that was fuckin HIGHlarious
  11. haha, this thread doesnt make me feel like im the only one saying completely bad things!

    i never had the chance to say anything bad to my gf or anything since i dont have one :(

    i kinda do the same thing as tokin, but usually i think of something after the opportunity passed to say something. i cant really think of anything, but i know theres alot of dumb things ive said, im prone to say them :)

    oh last weekend i argued with my 3 year old cousin and then he told me he couldnt understand me :( i got told by a 3 year old.
  12. Well, I have no girlfriend at this time, which may be in huge part to my being a stoner lol. Theres a girl who I think likes me and she knows I like her, but she hates weed. The shitty thing is, every time I see her, I'm high and she knows it and she gets pissed. Just last night when I came home from golfing, we were talking about something and I was pretty high. She kept asking me if I was high and I was like no way, wouldn't do that today when I knew i'd be talking to you lol. Anyways she said something which she thought pissed me off so I just pretended to be pissed at her, then I left. When I woke up this morning i felt like a dick. Then I was like ahh, yea, about last night, I might have been a little high. Now she won't talk to me lol.
  13. My freind was sticking Trash down my friends shirt and i thought it was a bag of reefer and i said.."Man i wish i had a Vagina".....yeah it was weird.
  14. Wtf! hahahaha..omg dude..complete randomness is the best
  15. yeah i didnt talk for the rest of the night.

  16. I bet you were trying to think og a redeeming phrase or anything, but I am guessing since you were silent, that it never came...
  17. my mom asked me if i still was smoking pot and i was all like no and then she said she was just worried that it was hurting my health and i said "it's not". whoops :rolleyes:

  18. bahaha thats totally me stoned
  19. I was at this family reunion sorta thing, and my cousin and I went outside to smoke in my car and we went back in.
    I had promised to go and fix up part of my dad's car before I came to the reunion, and I realized it while everyone was eating and there were around 25 people spread across one long table, and I just said outloud "OHHHHHHH FUCKER"
    It was the most awkward moment afterwards (my direct family isnt all no swearing bullshit but the rest of my family is like hugely against it, some even mormen)
    all these little kids were staring at me too wide eyed
    I honestly think that silence was about 1 minute or even more.
  20. the other day at work im staind around and a kid was like oh blablablablablabla (soemthing cool and intreasting)

    and this girl britany was like 'oo thats phat'

    and immeditaly i was like 'your fat'


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