What you eating for lunch?

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  1. Im about to sauté some eggplant in breadcrumbs and I got some cucumbers and peppers getting cut up and put a little low fat Italian dressing ontop of them bad boys.. and then I blended up 6 strawberries, a handful of blue berries, and 13 purple grapes with a tad of honey I got from a buddy's hive this year.(tastes very different then clover honey, it's made by nectar of many different flowers, it's delisheous.) drinking that while I cook. Just drink a cup of water with my meal. Also, all the food was freshly picked from my organic garden.. Nothing bought
    What are you fellow GC users eating for lunch today?

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  2. A salad with chicken, apple, and some nuts. I also ate like half an apple. Water to drink, but I wish I had milk.

    Not bad considering Im in an airport.
  3. ^^ good stuff
  4. i don't generally eat lunch.

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