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What you can use as a bowl and stem when making a homemade bong.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Valient, Jan 15, 2010.

  1. I was looking at my pencil in class today, and i found that part of it looked like a bowl and stem. so when i got home, i broke it open, and sure as hell, i got a new bowl for my tiny homemade bong. kickass.

    the pencil is a Paper Mate Click Pencil Clear Point Mechanical Pencil, pictured below:


    now, just see if you have one. the mouth of the lead feeder looks a bit like a smallish bowl. im gonna probably put some tin foil or somehting inside, to make a screen(poke holes in it with a needle) and to make the bowl itself larger. and its just an idea.
  2. Just take a socket and tape it to a hollowed out pen
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    Um just use a socket, like the ones that you get on a ratchet..any size will work(the bigger the better) ;-) and just find a cheap pen that you can chew both ends off..I used this method one time...i'm guessing you can't get any other smoking device if ur using this stuff, but if u can use a j or get a piece.

    Edit:ha I posted the same thing as the dude above me..took me a few mins to write this, kinda baked:)
  4. dude, fuck sockets, i get a botlecap, and put tinfoil in it. drill a hole in the bottom of the cap, poke holes in the alum. foil, glue the pen to the cap, stock that in the hold in the bong, and im off smokin.
  5. sockets alot easier...
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  6. or you could break the end of a coaxial cable
  7. I just use the body of a marker - take out the ink - and put foil on top of that.

    You can use a pen as a little one-hitter but make sure the tip is metal.

    Like so:


    Red part should be metal. Weed goes in at the green arrow.
  8. I hear alot of bad things about useing alumminum foil...supposidly gives you alzehimers and gets metal particles in your blood...can't be to bad if you just use once or twice for an emergency
  9. Gotta respect the socket....
    For a downstem I'm currently using the body of a MagLite Mini (the ones that take 2 AAs) just unscrew the ends of the flashlight and use pliers to get everything out of the middle. ( I did this with one of mine that was broken... otherwise it's kind of expensive for a DIY downstem)
  10. alright, two majour question 1. getting a new bong willing to spend 40$ glass or acrylic and any good ideas of a bong to get? 2. just had a surgery smoked a couple days before and im ffine when do you think i can begin to toke again without any complications? any answer would help me out very much
  11. a good downstem/bowl is one of those springy door stops. the ones that go dwooooooonnng
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  12. sorry, i forgot to answer this mans question, umm any pen tube would work fine, and a tinm foil bowl would be the easiest, me and my friends used a tin foil bowl for like 2 months and we smoked every day. umm also a rachet bit works very well
  13. are all these people really smoking straight out of pentubes? Enjoy your cancer.
    My cheap metal pipe cost me 5$ at the corner store.
  14. QFT my man. :bongin:
  15. im buying a bong this weekend after i heal up from getting my tumour remove, ill be smoking out of my room with my parents not knowing, what is the best type of bong to get acrylic glass or even a zong or a bubbler? any opinon is awesome!

  16. Dont worry man, i just smoked out of a 30-30 shell with a hole drilled in it and a tiny socket put in there. i also made a pipe out of a shotgun shell(not gonna smoke from it tho, i made it and realised that was a BAD idea.). but its cool to have on me. and the socket comes out, making it completely concealable.
  17. I used a co2 cartridge. Cut it in half and use it as the bowl. Then widen the hole in the top (after it's been used). A bic pen will almost fit over the end, heat it up and it fits snug. get in on there real good and you have yourself a downstem.

    P.S. if you don't cut the co2 cartridge small enough its a big bowl.

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