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    Super Lemon Haze. Saturday will be end of week 9. Tric’s are really turning cloudy with some still clear though. I’ll see an amber one here and there. Most of the hairs are red but a couple still white. You think Sunday (beginning of week 10) for harvest? Thanks. My medicine is finally getting close. No more not eating, sleeping, and anxiety!

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  2. I'd say you are in the harvest window, can wait longer if you like for more amber trichomes.

    btw, I DL'd your pics and opened them using (freeware) Paint.net. I then hit the auto-correct under the filtering tab and presto:
    F01185C5-BBF7-4086-9186-99CBDEF1D7E2.jpeg 528341CB-123E-4D63-84F8-E1E3F7A48F67.jpeg
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  3. Thanks! I re-downloaded them. Have to go check out the freeware!
  4. F01185C5-BBF7-4086-9186-99CBDEF1D7E2A.jpg Auto correct with Irfan 4.60(free) or just turn the light off so we can see?, My SLA about a week away too, seed laden so wil extend some after a partial harvest, just took my big bud autos

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