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What ya smokin' tonight????

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by deacon, Aug 22, 2010.

  1. #1 deacon, Aug 22, 2010
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    hey guys....always wondered why we dont have this thread:confused_2:...could well be in another forum....but i think its fun:hello:...if this is outta line for some reason...sorry mods.not intentional..also fired up about the new tweaks to web site...faster cool:cool: bong rippin a couple test buds off my scrog:bongin::bongin::bongin::bongin:...think its ak-48 ...its good...should be sweet harvested and cured long...regs man:wave:..lmao..peace...deacon
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  2. amen brotha!
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  3. I got some no name dank that still needs to cure a bit longer, but it was free so I dont care lol.

    And I got some orange crush. Chances are I am gonna be taking hits of both strains because they both have slightly different highs.
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  4. too kool and i are the only one gettin' high tonight....sounds like a sweet line up ya got goin...enjoy :wave:bong rip in your honor:bongin:peace deacon

    my ak:D[​IMG]
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  5. hitting a bowl of a dinafem blue widow i cut about 2 weeks ago :D. i'm very happy with it, and so are my friends.

    Attached Files:

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  6. cherry pie kushh! ;)
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  7. Smoking My own S^^T.You dig???:DGot a little of white widow left.smells good tastes good.lazy high.
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  8. Some of that outdoor Blue Cheese :p Does me riight.
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  9. #9 deacon, Aug 22, 2010
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    too cool guys.....knew with all the grow talk here somebody was puttin somethin' in da make it better for sure.....nice bud bro....mines not flushed so taste a little crappy...but in the name of research...i had ta put flame to some....:D up a little pic of the she my cherry pie...gonna check that one....not very good with strains yet...i can only grow em so fast..............captain....:wave:

    halfa380...checked your grow got the knack...hats off to a well done firster...nirvana..their old strains rock...still workin on the autos though...what ya runnin now???:smoking:

    holy colas...thanks for the post bro....haven't tried a cheese beans but no where ta put em:(i will though...ahhh the heroic pledges i make in the name of research:D

    plus reps all around for postin up...maybe it will catch on...smoke strains.....dont wanna move in on any threads...just a kinda indoor...and outdoor what ya puffin' kinda discuss....not argue.....discuss..this great plant we all love i got big bud and my ak and a super ugly dank mystery plant yet to some outdoorsers budd up huge...gonna harvest them at different trich's the buzz...till i can put some in jars..good fun for a first night..thanks again guys

    everybodys welcome..from resin torchers....vapor lockers.....bong miesters(me:hello:)...blunt suckers...joint jammers...pipe puffers...if your eatin' it..too kool...tell me how it is...i'll bump this tonight to see whats come on guys:poke::yay:dont be my repper hurts
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  10. i got 4 white whidow under a scrog screen going next grow i want something more fruity and not that powerfull.something good yeilding and any suggestions?
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  11. too noob for that but would check out tkb mans strain thread in seed banks...good stuff dragon..short ryder and who knows what else cookin now...go to attitude web site...enter lemon in search box...7 pages of beans:eek:..check it out bro..also hear good things about greenhouse super lemon haze but think its still real strong...good luck..stop back tonight:wave:
  12. well lets se what were puttin' in da air tonight..on the left a little big bud 30% cloudy and the right my mystery plant....commencing to do bong rips:bongin::bongin:


    so.....what are you guys roastin' tonight:confused_2:come on...dont be shy:poke:

    .......................peace deacon:smoking:
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  13. sorry about the shitty pictures...4 bong rips on the mystery.......waisted and my face is numb:eek:whats up with that:confused:gave the old lady 1 ripp..shes toast..dont smoke but to test buds..her mouth is hittin' turbo drive now:rolleyes:guess ordering ouy:D
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  14. #14 nhweedman, Aug 25, 2010
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    tokin up some locally grown #7 tonight

    Photo on 2010-08-25 at 17.37.jpg
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  15. Alaskan Thunderfuck

    I didn't take this picture but mine looks identical, (I gotta get batteries for my camera)

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  16. #16 deacon, Aug 25, 2010
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    hey guys ..welcome back....harvested my budzilla yesterday...not sure strain...pulled 226 g's of it wet with about another 1/2 gone to drive by 3 zips...smoke report tonight...and pics:wave:
  17. couldn't resist a little previev...each bud was about 2 1/2 z's:eek:

    marvs buds.JPG
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  18. HIGH All, sorry deacon...but this Thread Belongs in the Stash Jar Forum...Moving this there now.
  19. Un-known dank last night. Shit tripped me out, it felt like my legs were slowly turning to stone. I was shivering but like, in slow motion, even though i wasn't cold. shit was coooooooooooooool. :smoking:
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  20. sorry bad...put it where it belongs:wave:
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