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What Would Your Ultimate Weed Room Look Like?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Cheecharone, Dec 23, 2003.

  1. if you were rich....what would you have in ur ultimate weed room

    I'd have weed slippers and my walls would be papers and marijuana lines would be comin down.... i'd have an automatic weed roller.....i'd have all my stoner movies....a munchie fridge with the outside made of seet would have a hand to hold a pipe and another hand that lights....voice activation of course "lite the pipe" and boom im stoned

    for decorations....i'd have a big poster with a ziplock in the middle.....and the picture is a fat pound of real weed prolly skunk on 2 posters some bubble gum on 1....some blueberry posters.... i'd have a secret passage that went into my growing room....i'd have a tray filled with joints and blunts

    i'd have a bong shelf and i'd have a bean sack....instead of beans though it'd be if i wanted some smoke i'd just take some out the seat...i'd have an activated ventalation when i smoke the smoke stays in the room...i'd have a fire place that drops some weed in every half hour so the room is always filled with smoke....oh gonna get rich just so i can do it lol...
  2. don't forget a dispenser on the wall that has an unlimited supply of lighters
  3. You have quite the imagination :D

    Oh, i liked the fireplace idea, haha....
  4. My room would be small, like 15 X 15 and I would have couches lining the walls. And the rest of the floor in the middle would be one big heaping pile of pillows. On top of those pillows would be a round rotating table that would have the biggest hookah with like ten hoses coming off of it. the ceiling would be all subwoofers, with kick ass music playing all the time. It would be nice and dark in there, with four built in TV's in each wall playing Alice in Wonderland in a constant loop.
  5. My perfect room would have some sofas in the middle, in like a little square, with a big ass hookah in the middle, it would have shelves hangin from the ceilling all around holding pre-rolled joints and blunts, and in each corner of the room there would be some kickass bongs, then lots and lots of speakers and lots of reggae playin, and a big munchie cupboard with white chocolate and sausage rolls, and to top it all off, its own connecting grow room.

  6. I want the space needle in Seattle. How cool would that be? Just sit by the window and smoke watching the city from above. That would be awesome.
  7. Man, if i get rich, nothing would change G... still have my buds, and blunts... Money wont change me.... something i would hate, is to change my life..latezzz..

    Ps.. i would get my 64ss 63ss impala, and my 85ss, 86ss, 79ss El camino fix up...(if i get them)..latezzz..
  8. Mine would be exactly the same except I would hire a maid that would bring me dubies at the snap of my fingers.

  9. no doubt!!! I was there before got stone before i went up tho :D but was STILL awesome

    I am in the process of makin my tokin room...almost done the walls are cream color with some big MJ leaf mirrors and i found some glow in the dark leaves i am painting the ceiling navy blue and puttin them up there have a couple couches in there and of course ashtrays incense and of course a jammin stereo :D :smoke: toke on!!!!
  10. if i was so rich i would have some hyperpowered cannabis engineered that smells like tobacco so I could smoke anywhere I want, the whole world would be my smoking room :-D
  11. i wouldn't take it to the extreme...

    i'd have a modest to nice enteratinment system... big comfy leather couches, a mini fridge, fully stocked with ice cold beverages and munchies... a few nice peices (for any mood i was in) a box of blunts and some papers....... a nice big window and last but not least.... lots of delish Cheeba :D

    if i really wante to mack out in style... id have that huge plasma screen hot tub in the center of the room, fully stocked with girls and chrystal all the time...

    but if you've got everything you need already... why go for the excess.
  12. Man your rooms are weird! I would want a room around 30X30 and a really high ceiling, with the floor as 1 big fucking water bed. Not the whole floor but past the couches its a big ass water bed. There would be couches pushed against the walls, and a big "island" (really just a big ass circular table) in the middle with a hookah, bongs, papers, a scale, and a bunch of glass bowls. Of course every peice would already be packed. There would be a HUGE fridge stocked with tons of pepsi, water, n other shit. A BIG ass cabinet in the wall filled with all sorts of chips, cookies, and other foods. I would have a 7 speaker set that is all around the room with 4 1,000w subwoofers spread across the room. All hooked up to the 70" plasma TV with sattelite and a DVD player. I would have a huge rotating DVD holder with 100's of DVD's. Tons of stoner movies n shit, Cheech and Chong library, Blow, How high, etc. 4 Computers in the fucking wall, with nice 20' flatscreens (yes counter-strike is huge with all the stoners around here). I would ahve a big ass "donation" box which every1 had to put cash in, all of the money would go towards bud. This room of course would be in my dream house in aspen/vail colorado. OH yeah, we would ahve a HUGE collection of DOPE ASS TUNES. We would have every fucking song ever recorded by every band, all in mp3's just to piss off the RIAA. Oh, and this would be totally possible, minus the waterbed. OH yeah, the walls would be posters of snowboarding, paintball, ski-ing, and of course lots of trippy ass bud posters.
  13. My room would be a nice sized greenhouse with glass walls so the sun could shine on in. It would be filled with cool plants of all varieties. There would be a "hoop" couch in the center (does this exist?) and then in the middle of that a table with a hole in the middle where a beautiful 5 hose hookah would rest. Actually I think it would be more like a moonroof so you could cover it up if it was too bright outside.

    edit - wow i just read the thread, a lot of people like the idea of the big hookah in the middle surrounded by couches. sweet
  14. mine would be like a huge fuckin the whole floor would be a huge mattress...and stuff would be on the on shelves or somethin...and there would be a compartment in the wall that would have all my stuff in it, like a closet for stuff...and i would have compartment like area thingy kinda as a grow room and stuff...and it would have umm, those crazy flasher lights...i dont rememebrer what they called...and a blakcklight and umm...a "pet" monkey in a fuckin suit man who would be my friend monkey and bring me, would be so awesome fi i could describe it right...but I umm yah, i win!

  15. Hell yea! You get the room, I'll bring the weed!!
  16. My room would be about 35 feet high, with shelves EVERYWHERE!! These shelves would have every type of weed imagineable, and bongs pipes joints blunts, everything youve ever seen or heard of. A walk in fridge would be loaded to the top with food from every continent. Tvs tuned to various channels would be all over, and of course some playstation and xbox. To access the higher shelves, the whole floor would be a huge trampoline. The only seating would be bean bag chairs and inflatable funiture, than can easily be shelved incase a stoned bounce fest is about to commence.

    wow thatd be nice.
  17. well mine would need to be underground about 200ft long, and 20ft wide and be powered by MH/HPS switchable ballasts, and run off batteries, and solar panels to charge them, and co2, the system ran off a laptop, and an apprentice to teach, a padawan

    i'd have at least 50 diffrent strains on the go at the one time, and have a constant harvest strategy......i'd give all the exess weed away to medicinal patients, and close friends

    i'd have a little room in there, with all the shit that you's posted as well.......dvd players and big plasma screens, and shit.......and like 4 fridges full of irn-bru, bud, stella, and jack a remote control to do all the

    Peace out...........Sid
  18. i would have a black room with a single light in it, and speakers all around, nothing but a low light room and a good soundtrack to enhance your high
  19. a simple yet classy and clean shack/hut/small house out in he middle of fucking no where with all cool trees and flowers and animals and shit running around, like a big garden

  20. I like that :)

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