What would you think of rap-rock?

Discussion in 'General' started by Fractal, Sep 7, 2007.

  1. I have this idea, its pretty new, and I am sure there might be some people dabbling with it, but I havent heard any, of combining a little rap with rock.

    My main idea is get a more rap beat, even though it is pretty close to a good rock drum beat, just maybe a little more bump on the bass, and then after doing a few lines of flow instead of regular lyrics in a rock song, through down some guitar over the beat. If you listen to Afroman, sort of like what he begins to get into, but a lot more guitar. Maybe even guitar with the rhymes.

    Now I think this could be sick, but my question is, would you guys look at something like this as a joke? Would it catch your attention? I am sure the exact answers rest on how well its done, but just give me your general opinion.

    I have one song written that is perfect for a rap-rock introduction, so maybe Ill record it then post and get some more opinions. But give me what you think for now. Thanks.
  2. Rage Against the Machine? Limp Bizkit? JayZ with Linkin Park? It's been done. I actually like it most of the time too.
  3. if you think it sounds good do it. you make music for your own enjoyment first and formost. i cant say whether or not anyone else will like your 'new' music.
  4. Rage against the Machine comes to mind, and Mindless self indulgence does too, although MSI is more hardcore and has some techno/electronic elements as well
  5. Kottonmouth kings?

    along with all the rest mentioned expecially RAGE
  6. haha no.
  7. necro/ill bill.
  8. Yeahh dude, look around for some songs labled Mashed Up's

    They have a bunch like Eminem & AC/DC, The Verve & Jay Z, Lynyrd Skynard & Nelly, and so on

    Pretty good shit if ya ask me
  9. MSI is not rap rock.. they're just.. MSI... And far more badass than Jay Zero, Linkin Park or Limp Dick-it combined...
  10. ^^ true.....But rage against the machine totally rapes them all......
  11. damn manyne! where you been livin? under a rock wearin ear plugs,
  12. arround here we got a program called scratch n sniff and it combines the two its tight as fuck
  13. lolz... rap rock has been and gone. limp bizkit, linkin park, all those bands.
  14. haha, you all just prove my point that it hasnt really been done like this before. rage? see you guys are thinking of the tip of the iceberg. ive seen and been most places music has to offer. not to mention, the clostest youll get is some rapper mixing a good rock song with some of his rhymes. there are not many that really play instruments, and on top of that, play instruments well.

    also im not waiting to see if people will like to do, just seeing what opinions are

    but let me phrase this, have you ever heard somone say a verse and then throw down a sweet guitar solo? maybe you can name a few rage songs at best, but they are weak at playing. maybe i an unfair to them though cause i dont really like their stuff.
  15. ya but those focus on rap, and actually they suck. limp bizkit? what they through down some power chords, linkin park... dont get started there

    the closest i can think of the ideal mix is afroman, but he is too layed back on the guitar.
  16. limp bizkit were tigt, and still are. just cause their last album fell off, doesnt mean they suck, they just got a little boring after they ran out of goo dmaterial. there are plenty of good rap-rock combos out there. they beastie boys have been doing rap-rock for years. they have albums of just hard riffs and slamin rymes.
  17. Haha I know, I thought this thread was bumped from like 1998
  18. i dont see how you can call rage lame.....w/e floats your boat though... But (hed)p.e. are mostly metal but they have alot of rap-rock songs, also check out OPM. Cypress hill has a couple of songs put to some nice guitar riffs....Trouble for instance is pretty bad ass....

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