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what would you recommend?

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by Athen, May 19, 2010.

  1. so i have patellar chondromalaysia also known as patellar femoral pain syndrom which is basically a misallignment of my knee cap which makes things as simple as sitting with my knee bent for any extended amount of time excruciatingly painful i wont even go into the horror that taking a short run brings on... any way there really is no cure or treatment aside from your standard RICE method, stretches and specifically designed exercices and of course pain killers. now ibuprofin works ok but i need to take alot and id rather not have ulcers, and as for high end stuff like vicodin and such is just not an option.

    now i know that weed does work quite well actually but id like to know what would be the recommended strain for my symptoms?
  2. lol idk why anyone wouldnt respond yet.pretty much any indica i would say. exactly the strain, you shouldnt worry about unless you find one that works. idk alot about mmj btw. just get a strain that gets you in a total relaxed high. to relax yur kneecap. expecially if your going to chill mostly when you do smoke it, than yes.
    describe teh high you want and what yu want to achieve from it to help yur disability, the dealer will help im sure.andknow.
  3. ok im not incredibly well versed in the whole indica vs sativa thing the meanings of the different balances in the percentages of either in each strain and how these percentages effect what kind of high you get which is why i was wondering about particualr strains and essentially what im really looking for is that stuff that would put a seasoned smoker like someone who has smoked every day of their life without a T-break on their ass put frankly i guess you could say im looking for the shit snoop dogg smokes lol.

    seriously though is there any chance you could help a brother out and toss me a few strains that are predominantly indica if not pure indica? so i can start off in a particular direction.
  4. The thing is that strains are all different, even if it's the same strain. It's really hard to recommend a particular strain for your symptoms because each batch is different.

    Indicas are for pain killing, Sativas are for more head-relief. But you're just going to have to experiment with different strains to find the one that suits you best
  5. A nice indica is hindu kush
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    Indica gives you more of a body high/relaxed feeling. Which;if its you knee it should help. Try some white widow. It will leave your body feeling wonderful.Its 60/40 Sativa. It basically washes over you with a warm feeling of mildly trippy sensations.

    Island Maui Haze would help with pain too.

  7. I would say getting a strong sativa, and a strong indica seperately, then mixing and vaporizing would be best, I find for my migraines, the sativa kinda makes me just forget i have a head, and the indica lets me relax (you know headaches make you all ksjfbndfnsdf, like that) and most hybrids dont have enough kick from either side, unless its some headband, that stuff works wonder, but its really more of a personal choice, my friend gets really jitterry with Indicas, and he has terrible joint pain, and as you can imagine, the jitters are no good. But when he smoked a heavy sativa, he just goes into loopy land, so he sticks with sativa dom hybrids, cause the jitters are barely even present and he doesn get stupid as fuck
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    If you have to taking a lot ibuprofen that is ruining your liver worse than taking a vicodin would do. I am in a lot of pain and I am taking a lot of percocet which is why I am looking for an alternative. I would be glad if one vicodin was all I was taking.

    With strains if you are looking for a POTENT indica strain best go with one of the kushes. But if you are looking for sativas a haze strain is good. But it is all individual. I advise these strains because in a thread on the most potent strain you've smoked, these came up again and again.

    I just did an advanced search and had some great threads come up. Search Seasoned Tokers, 50 replies at least (gives you 2 pages), search threads for "potent strains". Lots of good info. Also you get much different replies if you search for "favorite strains".

    Good luck,

  9. Kush strains are almost always indicas, I also think that the Northern Lights strains are indicas. Seed banks have info on the strains of the seeds they sell, i'm sure you could take a peak at one of those sites and find a good strain from there.

    Simple google search and I found this site:

    Medical Marijuana Strains | Marijuana Pictures and Reviews
  10. a heavy indica. pakistani or maybe master's kush. just speaking from personal experience.
  11. Have you looked into a high quality knee brace?
  12. well thank you all for all the input ill see if i can give some of these strains a look, i know that its all individual and i could find guides online but i wanted to get a poll of stuff that people who have tried recommend, you know, stuff they like so i could look around. im relatively new to smoking and i prefer a more personable recommendation on stuff.

    and joliet, i have thought about a knee brace and have tried some in the past not high dollar high end ones but medical grade compression style braces and they didnt help very much and were very uncomfortable too

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