What would you rather do?

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by OhNoMyJimmies, Aug 14, 2012.

  1. Get bukkake by 10 homeless men everyday for the rest of your life (no one will know except for the homeless guys) or have 6 very detailed penises tattooed on your face (you can't get rid of it)
  2. i don't like the options, and i don't know what bukkake means but it can't be good, guessing it relates to porn in some way
  3. Bukkake is when a bunch of guys cream all over you
  4. I'm not down to get drenched in bum semen so I'm gonna have to go with the penis tattoos.....yea
  5. Fuck the homeless. Penis tattoos look cool anyway.
  6. can I get flames/skulls/etc with the penis tatts?
  7. no but you can have it squirting semen out into your mouth, that'd look cool
  8. not really, probly still choose the tatts, though I cant imagine I'd ever be in such a situation where those are the only 2 options I have.
  9. Tatts for sure. I don't think anyone in this thread will choose having 6 homeless guys blowin' their loads all over you. For the rest of your life lol. I'm waiting for that member to choose that option though ;)
  10. im sure there will at least be one who does;

    i would chose the tattoos,... the smell of the hobos dicks would probally pass anyone out, it isn't like they shower, so i would expect some nasty stank brewing down there
  11. well i mean nobody will take you seriously at all if you walk around with dicks in your mouth..on the other hand getting bukkaked by the HOMELESS EVERY DAY FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE????
    who chose these options..but ok i'll take the homeless guy's nut provided they are STD negative
  12. Since I like cum anyway I'd most likely take the loads everyday. Mmmm.....
  13. should have made a poll for this too late now since there is already a full page
  14. I'd rather get bukkake'd after a while I'll get used to it and be like whatever the eff bring it on lol

    I can't have a dick on my face though, getting called dick face would be tiring. :\
  15. On the bukkake how long does it take for them to cum?penis tattoos would feel dumb
  16. I did some research and the average person ejaculates in 2 - 5 minutes so 2 -5 mins for each but they're beating their meat at the same time
  17. Definetily the penis tattoo's on the face.

    By the way OP, in case you didnt already know.......your homosexual.
  18. ....Why are you asking us this?

    really what the fuck.
  19. I already get bukkaked on by homeless men every day
  20. How about homeless chicks? With dicks? Never had a homeless tranny before.

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