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What would you pick?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by LetsgetDank, May 26, 2010.

  1. Me and my friends are having a kickback at my girlfriends house. All in all about 10 people are going, everyone has given my 10 dollars so far for bud/munchies.

    I picked up an ounce of cheap bud for 60. Leaving me 40 left over. Now i am faced with a problem, i dont know what to get for munchies. My options are, go to my local food store and pick up 40 dollars in random munchies. Order alot of pizza from Dominos/other pizza place, or go to KFC and buy 30+ snackers.

    what would you pick!?:confused::confused::confused:
  2. i would choose pizza & munchies. everyone loves pizza right?
  3. Can never go wrong with pizza!!!
  4. nah screw pizza buy some whiskey
    then tell someone to bring a few boxes of kraft dinner
    sounds like a pretty good night to me

  5. Four bobolis, a jar of basic spaghetti sauce, a couple pounds of mozerella cheese and some pepperoni. You'll have a blast making pizzas while high and they will be SO much better than Dominos shit, and you'll be the hero for being such a creative stud.

  6. this.

  7. 17-19 year olds, were underage :(

  8. I have an authentic Hanson jersey, you jealous?
  9. Pizza! Hey, that sounds pretty good right now...:smoke:
  10. My roommate in college and I would make Bobolis all the time. A similar option is to get those prepackaged things of naan (indian bread) it's soooo much better for making pizzas. Goddam if I could find cheese/an oven in China.

    My vote actually goes to heaps of fresh fruit. But yeah, pizza's always good.
  11. Smoke the weed first and then raid the local food store.

  12. buy more weed and make a bunch of firecrackers to munch on. :D
  13. Decide when your stoned. You dont want to be baked and think 'i want a KFC' and then remember theres $40's worth of pizza in the fridge you dont want cause you want KFC do you!

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