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What would you have done.

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by itsbskully, Jul 17, 2015.

  1. Good afternoon east coast blades. Good Morning west coast blades. Dumb question that probably won't get answered but who cares. Basically I have it pretty good, I go to school (College) and I work (Grocery Cashier). During my last semester I took express course so basically I could only work 3 hours Monday thru Thursday and regular 8-9 hour shifts every other day. But now my courses are over and I guess my manager doesn't know. I basically have 4 days straight to toke then work for three. I make about 350 (Bi weekly) but I don't pay for my schooling just car and phone. Left with a pretty good amount after bills for bud. I decided to just tell my manager my classes ended for no real special reason. This somehow spread to some people that know I smoke and they told me I did the stupidest thing imaginable at my age (19) they would've smoked their lungs out. so I'm curious, What would you have done? Also what's your current situation if you're comfortable with that. I'm sure no one will judge. Hope I'm welcome to the GC Community [​IMG]

  2. You only work three and have four days off. And make $700 a month while in college that you don't pay for. If I was you I'd stick to that. If I was in school I'd much rather have a good bit of money to do shit and not just be sitting around bored while on breaks.

    My current situation is shit so I'd rather not go to much into detail. Never been to school but never had a "real" job. I feel old but only 24 so it's definitely not too late to take classes. Though I am trying to start doing something I can do without college. Really into journalism so I may try and write some columns for some small sites for fun and to build up a resume. Hopefully maybe that would turn into getting a real job in the field. Then who knows, maybe by the time I'm in my 30s I'll be traveling the world working for vice or something.
  3. Nah nothing wrong with working more bro, you can always smoke when you get off. In the end it's only going to benefit you if you work more, especially with you being in school if you maintain your job it will look fantastic on your resume. Cheers brother!
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    Most 19 year olds are broke and stupid, don't listen to your friends. If you don't mind working the extra hours then why not do it. If anything put the extra cash in to savings and take a vacation or buy yourself something you normally wouldn't.
  5. Look here the thing to remember is that your coworkers that are your age know nothing about college. They just joined the work force and will never hit school. It's basically high school 2.0 for them. Just don't get involved with the gossiping and worrying about what they have to say. They'll be stuck at minimum wage while after you graduate college it'll be exponentially more than that.
  6. It's money? Those people are fucking idiots. You're gonna be bored out of your mind sitting here smoking 4 days straight. Trust me I've been there
  7. you asking what wed do if people knew we smoked? If it's not cops, screw it!!! if not idk what you were asking
    You seem to be in a great situation don't change anything
  8. when you increase your availability, the store will definitely take advantage of you and begin to give you more days/hours in a sporadic fashion. Grocery store chains tend to rely heavily on high school aged workers, so they will burn you out if you let them. Great job to have while simultaneously enrolled in college though, so props on that!
    Keep that paycheck on the mind because when it's gone...weed usually is too [​IMG]
  9. Working the extra hours makes your weekends feel more special when you toke up and have a good time
  10. Damn I wish I had a job, I could actualy buy things
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    There are probably dozens of part-time jobs for the summer just 5 miles around you.
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    Yeah I know Im thinking about it like everyday but I just cant get over my anxiety. I got some spare money so im thinking ill buy some weed hope that it will ease my symptoms and then get on it.
  13. I used to be like that. There's nothing to be anxious about, an employer has already interviewed tons of people.
  14. if only flipping stacks was as easy as flipping burgers, minimum wage wouldn't be such bullshit. But jobs are jobs and money flows that way [​IMG]

  15. Like Im pretty sure I would enjoy most of the jobs n shit I wanna work but I just cant get over the bureaucratic bullshit like interviews, the papers n stuff.
  16. I know what you mean but the interview process is usually not all that bad. When you compare the relative other candidates for the job that you want and you see the possibility of getting the job over them, it's like a challenge to succeed. And when you do, you make that regular paper check with your name on it. Then turbotax loves you the next year with a return.

  17. Lol, I was. And was going through my stash wayyyyy too fast. I have a super low tolerance so a 20 can last me about 2 weeks (Until I get paided again [​IMG])
  18. Lol I thought I would too. After a while you just become zombified unless you have some cool ass co-workers. If none of my homies are there it's just a zombie day. Scan and bag [​IMG]
  19. Yeah I dont realy like other people cuz Im used to work alone on the garden chop wood n shit so I think I would be perfectly fine with some zombie work
  20. Lol I wish I could work alone. Gotta deal with customers, and other cashiers you can't make conversation with. Awkward times.

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