what would you grow?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by brotherwind, Mar 7, 2013.

  1. I can't decide which seeds to try: Critical Kush, G13 Haze, Chemdog or Moby Dick. Those are my choices, what would you grow?
  2. what are you trying to achieve in your grow? yields, quality or a mix of both?
  3. Overall quality of the plant. The yield doesn't really matter, this is more than I need. I only smoke before bed.
  4. fair enough. that be the case, chemdawg and g13 haze are both more of a day time smoke imo. Both very potent but I always want to go do things. I know nothing about moby, but Kushes always treat me right and calm me.
  5. If you smoke to sleep then grow which ever is more indica prolly gonna b the critical. Moby dick is good I've grown it but not a white widow fan n mine was white widow Dom. Chemdog is one of my favs its legendary if you got right pheno that would b my choice just cuz of the flavor alone. Not sure bout the haze would guess its a heavy sativa so its got that energy buzz. I know its not one of ur choices up there but if you wanna sleep pre 98 bubba kush will put you out 100%indica heavy couch lock good luck

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