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Discussion in 'General' started by token2004, Mar 26, 2006.

  1. I posted this on another forum and i just copied and pasted it and it happend a few days ago..

    Yes, this is another post that has to do with my work.

    Okay, so there are about 80 people that work where I work, around 50 of them being Full time... I work full time hours but I am still considered part time alone with some other people.

    My brother works the same shift as me, and hes also part time, right before me in seniority (hours worked) and we are both at the VERY bottom. So today EVERYONE got promoted to full time, so there are like 78 full-timers and just TWO part timers... me and my brother, so we make the lowest in the whole place by 6$ an hour, and we dont have benfeits when we should...

    SO the place pretty much double fucked us this winter because they told us we wont have to work in the winter, and its not a regualr shift blah blah so they cant make us work, bu they basicly told us there is more production and either we work or we are gone..... and now they pull this...

    I think its pretty fucking funny how thye are such ass holes... so now if they want me to be the only part timer with my brother we are going to act like part time... we are by far the most reliable workers on our crew but that means noithing to them.... so both of us are now going to call in sick once a week no matter what and give all the super visors a hard time whenever possible..


    Now, im supposed to work night but mybrother called in sick and the super visor calls here asdking me to start early because of it... i didn't answer.. and im gunna call in sick so now my super visor is going to have to actually work all niught long... and if he says anything to me.. ill say well i could have came in but id puke all over the floor and your FULL TIMERS could have cleaned it up... and ill say that just because we are brothers doesn't mean we know when eachopther are calling in sick...

    What would you guys do? I think i handled it well
  2. umm, i just quit one of my two jobs due to a similar fucked in the ass situation....regarding non-receipt of hours on two checks and a raise that was promised on two checks...anyway, it's not worth it man, find another job and quit ASAP!!!!! seriously. don't start anything like not showing up or calling in...that'll just look bad on you and hurt any possible references in the future
  3. quite wise my friend ^^^

    shit that didnt contribute anything, my apologies
  4. the worst i think that will happen is ill get written up but you can get 10+ writeups with no firing
  5. Damn that sucks....what type do you do at your job?

    I worked in retail for 3 years and that shit sucked. When i moved, i went into the restaurant businness as a busser. My brother did the same and now is become a server at a high-end restaurant. It's definitely what you should look into because 1. it pays good (i make roughly $9-10/hr, my bro 12-15/hr) 2. the money is upfront (tips), no more waiting for that paycheck 3. its easy work and (unless your a waiter) have to deal with bullshit people.

    If you ever work in retail, you will realize how many assholes are walking around your town. Anways, good luck..hope your job works out alright.'

    Edit: and 4. its easy, if you dont mind doing a lot of (easy) work. This also makes your shift go by quicker.
  6. well i called in and my super visor was like yea you and your brother cant both call in sick i cant have that so i said well i got hte flu and hes like well you guys decide, someone has to come in.. so i said well ill come in but if i puke on the floor you can clean it up and then i hung up...

    i dont ven have the flu which makes it that much funnier

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