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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by jooky, May 10, 2010.

  1. I have a large cabinet in my basement that I want to turn into seedling, veg, and mother space. Its 5'long 2' deep and 3' tall. i tossed in 2 T8 shop lights (4 bulbs total) and also have 1 cfl bulb off to the side for seedling. I am thinking my 4 t8's are not really going to cut it. It might be ok, just might be a little slow to grow?

    My flower room is just a closet that can hold 6 plants...so I wont have more than 2 moms, 2 seedlings and a couple sprouts at any one time.

    What would you use for light in a small cabinet that wouldn't cost all that much and still get maximum growth?
  2. You'll have two issues.
    1. The humidity because it's below ground
    2. The 3 foot height may be an issue with the mom's but not really if you bend and trim from the top for clones.

    I think it's very doable.
  3. Thanks, those are no problem.
    I just wondered about lighting.
    These t8's just seem so crappy. I cant have anything too hot like hps. So just wondered about my options without spending $500 on led's.
    i might drop a few cfls down between the tubes to stimulate the seedlins. As for the mom's I just want them to stay alive, as I just need 1 stem from each every month for clones.

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