What would you do...

Discussion in 'General' started by Capeli, Mar 30, 2002.

  1. What would you do if you had all the resources and hook-ups?

    I WOULD...
    first buy a little motor home and drive to every state in the United States. Then I would take a boat across and back-pack through Europe. In fact me and my boyfriend made a pack that once we have finished college we are going to drive around the U.S. I mean to me NOTHING could be greater :)
  2. i would drive and train and boat my way around the world and check out all the best herb spots and check out japan and germany and hawaii and canada.... wow id go everywhere......
  3. I'd settle down with a family in some beautiful location in the nappa valley or on highway 1, and have a cool grow in the basement of my shed.
  4. move north of the bay area, and do something similar to anothersmoker says... i'd want to have a farm with lots of land and animals, or maybe open a headshop of sorts to keep myself entertained during the day :)-~
    of course i'd be rich as all hell and throw a big grasscity party :D
  5. Yeah ganjaphish- i like the party idea. As for me, I would sell a shitload and buy my mom a house. Then I would buy a beautiful house for myself and then shop and smoke all day. But my dream would be to travel Europe and stay at one of those world renownd day spas. oh yeah.
  6. Ganjaphish and anothersmoker have the right idea... I'd do something similar.
  7. Make room because im on the same boat. god that would be dope as hell.


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