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what would you do?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by highawatha, Aug 29, 2003.


what would you do???

  1. id keep growin em, someones got to have good weed

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  2. pull them now you fool, and be happy with what you have

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  3. RUN! run away you ARE a fool. do not touch not worry about not EVER go anywher

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  1. k heres a what if that seems appropriate for this time of year.
    what if, you had a few nice plants outdoors and knew someone found them. i mean without a doubt Knew someone knows theyre there. would you continue to grow them knowing they'll be back or pull them and cut your losses?
    just a what if :D
  2. you live in America right?........walk away....never go back and wait till next year........if someone knows and you can't trust them then never go back.........don't risk a jail sentence............Peace out...........Sid
  3. YEAH, I AGREE WITH SID. (WOOPS, damn caps)

    its not worth the risk in the land of the facist. now the secret is broken, its no longer safe.
  4. ......i definately agree with what you said 100%
    now mind you agin this is just what if.....

    we were talking about this issue round here an it seems im the only one of this opinion to get out of it. boys were of the opinion to grow.
    personally i think that anytime anyone gets a seed to harvest outdoors your just lucky and biding your time.
  5. lol mlb i will definately keep that in mind......
    to the rest of ya, if you read this you might as well very interested in your opinions.
    *is it wrong of me to think that the idiots i hang around with are completely wrong, and im far superior?
  6. hey higha! ;)

    anyway to the who the people who found it were..if they are a trusted friend of yours, maybe keep them..if you dunno em..fuck weed is worth years in jail..
  7. but you only give 2 options, pull them or grow them........where's the option of.....don't go back at all? it friends that know, or strangers?.........i'm kinda confused........Peace out......Sid
  8. sorry sid its my very first virgin i forgot that option.:D
    ill try to fix that baby right up.
    i would assume it would not be friends stealin ones weed, although i guess that happens. with friends like that eh....
    this happened to alot of people last year. not quite like this buuuut,
    honest this is not real but became a very heated "discussion" so i thought id pose it to you. i added in a few things sorry about the confusion, now ive confused meself....but darnit i know i was right. an i got all ganged upon by big loud boys.
  9. I'd scout for a few days and see if you think you can pull them out and not get caught. You can't risk leaving them whe you know someone knows they are there. You don't know if it's a happy pot head who stumbled across your grow or the pigs. If you think you can get them safely pull out and cut your losses. If you're not sure, then leave them and never grow there again.
  10. thanks peoples, and sid you guys are sooo good and wise
    hey stylez ;)
    mslb....sure why not....after a very short time with my boys youd just roll your eyes like i do. sides i used em alllll up :D they be ALllmost worthless
  11. I say how do you know somebody was there?
    Footprints or treelimbs bent the wrong way?
    I know its a what if, so i'd go back with a dog that way it looks like your just walking him or if he is that good and walks without a leash you can say he took off on you.
    dont go back its just a plant and more can be grown in another place.
  12. that's why I think you should scout before you decide to pick the plants. Make sure no one is hanging around there.
  13. lol..your sooo sweet mate i love your smilies....
    seaofgreen... hyppotically speaking yea crap was torn up and being removed.

    and yes, yes it feels purtey darn good to be right.(for once)
    thanks for the validation....
    *"the folks at the city said i was right!"
  14. Higha...tell those big loud boys to shut the hell up! If the people who you suspect have seen the plants and they aren't of the friendly persuasion then stay away from it.

    Besides, girls sense things that boys couldn't even imagine. :)

  15. Well said... At least till you got to that last sentence!!!!!!

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