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  1. I was buying a sime from my dealer and it was good shit. $20 a g. We smoked a few bowls before we dealt. I went home and weighed it and it was 0.4, i text him the next day and hes all like "yeah man ill get ya back" and i was like aight ua know watever and i text him the next day and he didn't text me back i was cool about it ill wait so the next day i text him, still no responce. I show up at his place and his mom says hes not there. I was chill and text him the next day. This started monday and now its sunday! I am fucking pissed and have thought about going to his place and beating him the fuck down and stealing his bong, which is fucking badass by the way. Idk wat im gonna do, ive been buying from him for 2 fucking years and have recently become homies. Hes usually pretty chill. Idk, what would you do?
  2. Fuck it if he's tryin to avoid you then just get a new dealer. 
  3. oh shit bong dealers are like government ;P
  4. I would call him, then find a new dealer if he didn't respond.
  5. Dude are you seriously going to do that shit over a tenth of a gram from a consistent dealer that you've had.

    What the hell?

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  6. I would never have bothered my dealer over a .1
  7. For me .1 is enough. respect the weed.
  8. Lol...

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  9. why are you upset? he even smoked you up. plus who gives a shit about a .1 man, it was probably an accident. I bet you don't get upset when the scale reads .6. why do you even own a scale anyway?. what's the point in even owning one if you don't sell? you get charged with intent to distribute if you get caught with that shit anyway. I suggest you get rid of yours if you're going to use it to measure a .5 and harass your dealer when your dime bag is .1 short
  10. I'd probably just kill him and his mom for being an accomplice. 
    but for real, you should check your bag when you get it man.
    You should be able to tell the difference between 0.4 and 1.0
    after 2 years of smoking.  
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    Kidnap his mom.

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  12. Where is .1 coming in to play if he bought a gram and it weighed .4? I think he's .6 short unless im missing something
  13. they smoked some of it.
  14. "smoked a few bowls before we dealt"
    I was assuming the dealer smoked OP up, then sold him a "gram"
  15. Thats wat supposed to go down, anyway i dropped off by his house today and his mother fucking phone was off all week. We smoked a bowl he gave me my shit and all was chill. Lmfao crazy shit man, crazy shit...
  16. I would never beat my dealer down man. I like him and as for stealing his bong, I would give it back! Lol
  17. Wait in the original post you said you bought a dime.  Did you buy a dime or a gram here?  I'm confused... A dime is $10, and if a gram is $20 then you got half a gram, correct?  
  18. That's pretty stupid, if someone stole from me and tried to play it off as a joke I wouldn't react kindly. And you said you bought a dime, if a g is 20 then you flipped a shit over .1, it's not worth losing a friend or dealer over that plus he did say he'd hook you up. You blew up his phone over .1, which is sketchy, and would cost more money driving gas wise than the bud itself lol.

  19. I would ignore it and let him know i want to buy another one. Then when I got there, I would get the weed first and hand him 8 bucks and remind him of the point 4. If he tries to pull a shady then beat the fuck out him and steal his bong.
  20. Jesus christ guys this isn't crack it's just pot.  .1??!!  For real?!  That's literally $2.  This isn't a half lb you know...

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