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Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by That guy 17, Jun 17, 2013.

  1. I was buying a sime from my dealer and it was good shit. $20 a g. We smoked a few bowls before we dealt. I went home and weighed it and it was 0.4, i text him the next day and hes all like "yeah man ill get ya back" and i was like aight ua know watever and i text him the next day and he didn't text me back i was cool about it ill wait so the next day i text him, still no responce. I show up at his place and his mom says hes not there. I was chill and text him the next day. This started monday and now its sunday! I am fucking pissed and have thought about going to his place and beating him the fuck down and stealing his bong, which is fucking badass by the way. Idk wat im gonna do, ive been buying from him for 2 fucking years and have recently become homies. Hes usually pretty chill. Idk, what would you do?
  2. .6 isn't worth beating down you're 2 year supplier. Sure it sounds like he's dickin you around but i wouldn't beat him up yet. If he does it a second time anything is game.
  3. wow you really are "that guy"
  4. 1. Why did you post this twice
    2. .1 is nothing. You shouldn't make a big deal over it. It could of been a mistake
    3. If you're paying 20 dollars for a gram I suggest you look for a new dealer. You got robbed right there for even paying 20 for a dime.
    4. Fuck him, it's usually easy to find a new dealer. You have to man up and ask people. I've boughten from strangers many times and still got hooked up fat. Also if i go to downtown I am always offered bud from tons of people. It's really easy to find weed. 
    5. Delete one of your two postings.
  5. Just let it go there is not a thing you can do.he sounds like bitch so I bet he is is 911 happy of.you did do something. Jail time an fines ain't worth it .
  6. If he doesn't make good in 3 weeks time steal his bong.

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