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What would you do?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by TrendSetta, Jun 11, 2012.

  1. Before I get ripped apart yes I know this is irrelevant but I like this community so here goes nothing...

    You have a girl you really like and you're practically together, how would you feel about them doing like class A Unmentionables and like phscadelics and powders and pills also doing them not with you? Because before I didn't give a fuck and everyone had their own choice but now I care about this girl I really don't want her doing them, is this being over the top or what? Baring in mind I smoke weed/tobacco (occasionally) and drink alcohol, thanks people! :smoke:
  2. I wouldnt care to much unless she was with other guys when she did them big no's for me would be meth and heroin as long as its not those i wouldnt mind but i would want to do them with her or at least be with her when she does them
  3. If you're not actually with her, you really can't tell her what she can't do. I personally would not be with a girl who did all the shit on a regular basis.
  4. I wluldnt date a girl\tlike that
  5. I wouldn't date a girl who did those kind of drugs.. but seeing as how you didn't mind before I would continue to not give a fuck :smoke:
  6. Personally I would draw the line at meth or heroin and wouldn't be comfortable with regular pill or powdery unmentionable use. Psychedelics wouldn't really bother me, as with most people they're a fairly infrequent thing.

    Just my $.02, though.
  7. I'd drop em. Don't look back.
  8. Naw. Just naw.
  9. Tha fuck do I look like Dr. Phil???
  10. as other meth and heroin is where the lines at. Psychaedilics id do with her but if in your case i didnt i wouldnt be concerned at all. I dont mind molly or anything like that but once again in your position, if she was doing it with other guys then id be concerned (effects of the drug itself) if it was with me id encourage it for all that intense sex she would crave

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