What would you do with this space?

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  1. Wussup guys I'm currently on my second grow and growing autos for the second time. Growing 3 in just over 3gal pots.

    last time (my first) I grew 4 got 6oz of goodness from 3 autos other one I accedently snapped countless times and it got stressed managed a half oz of straggly but crystally stuff

    My tent is 80 X 80 X 180 cm ( 2.7 X 2.7 X 6 foot ) I have a 600w dimable ballast although it's broke for the second time so running my buddy's 600w with standard bat wing reflector until it's replaced .. Again.

    What would you do with this space and light?

    Would you grow autos, photos, scrog, top, FIM, do 1 plant do 6? Do 10? Looking to here diff opinions on how you would maximise this space for maximum yields.
  2. 4 max in that space and even those will get crowded. With seeds in 3 gal and 4-5 (maybe 3 to keep them going up rather than out) tops before flower. Scrog experts could get a huge yield with 1-2 clones probably.

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  3. Done 4 last time and it did get slightly crowded but not too bad. Went with 3 this time because I'd of liked a bit more space to play about with.

    I've seen people do 6 photos in smaller square pots and seen people do 1 big photo in a scrog. Both I'd like to try
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  4. My space is slightly bigger than yours, but close and perfect for my needs. After I do one more 4 pot I'll try a scrog just so I can see what kind of yields I get. For now I want variety over quantity! :)

    Be kind. Perfect your craft. Give more than you take. We are family.
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  5. Is that 2'7"x2'7" or 27"x27"?
    I have only ran one set (4 plants) inside a 27x27" tent with around 400 actual watts and pulled around 1/2 lb, I like SOG for those smaller spaces, really uses the space efficiently
    I am looking to get an hid, what brand was the one that keeps breaking, I may wanna stay away from that one
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  6. Last time I done 4 of the same seed and now I'm bored of this same stuff.

    This time 3 diff types. I think I may do a bit more LST this time as it worked really well last time
  7. 2foot 7 inches sorry. Did u grow autos or photos?. Was it cfl bulbs you grew with

    My ballast was a 600w digital dimable from Omega lighting they normally come with 5yr warranty so I didn't think it would be crappy. But very good for early stages can dim your 600w down to 200w , 450w , 600w and there's a super lumen option that is 600w + 10% so 660w I don't use that though.
  8. Do you grow photos or autos how long is your veg time if photos
  9. I have a very similar set up and I like to try new things so my grows vary a lot, but if I wanted the best yield, I would ScrOG one plant in there. If I wanted it fast, I would pack in a load of clones. You could get 16 in there with just a few days vegging. If I wanted the least amount of work, I'd probably go with 2 large ish plants and top them multiple times
  10. Set it up for porno shoots.

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  11. I like the sound of the 1 plant scrog but it would take ages for a harvest. I done a good bit of research on FIM'ing plants and I may do that for my next grow 2 photo plants FIM'ed as I could start they seeds in small containers towards the end of this auto grow .. What's your current set up/plan for your next/current
  12. Right now I have a soil bed with 4 plants in. They were topped several times to bush them out. Unfortunately one turned out to be a male so when it was removed it left a gaping hole in the canopy.

    My other tent has a Recirculating top fed hydro system of my own design. I'm in the process of harvesting out of that. Once it's done I'll be pulling the Recirculating system out and starting a DWC 1 plant ScrOG.
  13. I like the thought of hydro but seems like a lot more work trying to keep ph steady in the reservoir. Lucky where I'm from I get a perfect ph from my tap water so I might give it a shot apparently your crops can finish up to 2 weeks early. What do you prefer hydo or soil?

    Just looking to see everyone's opinions .. For the last few days all I can think about it doing a 1 plant scrog , veg time would be what at least 5-6weeks ? (From seed)
  14. The last 6 months I haven't adjusted the pH at all and have had 0 problems. It's probably around 6.5 I would think. It's probably best to adjust it if it's far out but I haven't had any trouble.

    Flowering time won't change, but they do grow faster, so you get more bud in the same amount of time. Also, because they grow faster, veg time is generally decreased

    I prefer hydro, massively. It's so much easier.

    I once turned a plant of a few inches into a plant of 4'x4' under a ScrOG screen in 4 weeks, but that was pretty good going

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