What would you do on 4/20 if...

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  1. According to snopes.com "420" page, the columbine massacre occured on April 20th, 1999. Now, imagine you were at columbine, in class, baked as a muffin. You're just chilling with your bro's, having a good time, and then out of nowhere two fucknuts start shooting up the place!!

    What would you do?
  2. Unleash stoner powers and kill the 2 fags using my super bong sword.
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  3. Yell "cops!!!!" so ever other stoner get his fucking ass outta there!
  4. I'd go out blazing :bongin:
  5. Offer them a blunt man. Tragedy averted :) You can't shoot people while high, doesnt work :D
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    id pull out the pistol id obviously have on me (obviously). then id proceed to Jack Bauer the shit out of that situation, and perform this: [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3f1mlBV7s78]Jack Bauer Fight Scene - YouTube[/ame]

    also i think id get the second guy with one of these:

  7. I wouldnt've been there.

    I'd be at the park getting high Derp.
  8. You haven't seen menace 2 society, have you?

    Lol anyways I'd be trying to get the fuck out of there hoping i wont get shot
  9. I'd be incredibly terrified like everyone else.
  10. If there is a 0% way I can't get out that b*tch wether it be Fight or Run,I'ma pretend I'm dead face down in a corner somewhere with my head all crooked to make it look legit;)
  11. I'd probably smoke weed about it
  12. Just go up to them like Tommy Chong to Cheech Marin in Up In Smoke and go "Hey, MELLOW OUT MAN!".
  13. probably shit my pants. definitely piss them. then try to climb into the ceiling panels and get the fuck out
  14. I'd be like "they know...."

    I'd much rather be sober for a situation like this. I'd probably get someone else (with me) that'd be willing to die in the event of things going awry, and then try to over power the fuckers
  15. um. run like hell.
  16. I'd like to think I'd fight to save others. I honestly don't care if I live or die, but you can never be 100% certain of what you will do in such a situation.
  17. Probably get lower than the desks and get my ass to some cover. Kill one if he got close enough and didn't instantly shoot me in the face or something.
  18. I honestly think anyone in the situation would have so much adrenaline going through their body, it wouldn't really matter if you're high or not.
  19. Well I'd obviously just go super saiyan.

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fYxCrugJj_o]Super Saiyans are REAL (ORIGINAL) - YouTube[/ame]

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