What Would You Do In My Situation?

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    Ok so I currently just got a part time job delivering pizza, first legit job and its working out to about 12$ an hour after tips and gas. I have an opportunity to work full time m-f with decent hours so making 500$+ a week cash. My parents signed up for a cruise last year and I was skeptical and told them that because I would more than likely have a job. So its a 10 day cruise to islands and all over it would be a fucking banging ass time.
    My choices are more than likely if i go on the cruise I dont get the job and struggle to maybe to find another part time job, which is unlikely being that I would be going back to school in late august and again ask for the time off for the cruise.
    The other option is to not go on the cruise which would suck but also help me out with a lot of shit. First off im bored out of my mind and need to do something, go out meet new coworkers etc, I would make good money this summer($6,500+) that I need for car insurance, partying at college next year, along with other random shit, I would get some job experience(without this I literally have nothing for a prior job experience).
    So I ask you what would you do in my situation, from what I know my parents could get the money back for my ticket but I would be blowing them off along with some other family going along too.

  2. I would work, then some time down in the future when you have vacation time, go on a cruise and ask your parents to fund what they would have expected to pay for this current trip for you. My parents probably would have rolled with that if I was showing a great work ethic. You'll get more out of that in life.
  3. It's up to you man. I'm having a real hard time finding a job, so if I was you, I'd just work. Pizza delivery guy? Shit make yourself a pizza, smoke a bowl, and cruise while delivering pizzas. Or, be with your parents on a nice ass cruise ship, can't smoke, and aren't making money. Both have their pros and cons, but I'd work.
  4. I would keep the job. As awesome as the cruise sounds, responsibilities should come first and there's always other opportunities to go on a cruise!
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    Thats what i'm leaning towards the place where I would work is so laid back, boss doesn't care if the workers smoke just not on the job. Talked to a few people and they say they burn on the job, once 8-9 starts they have a few drinks and hes fine with it. Its a fucking awesome job im delivering/driving for about forty minutes each hour and helping with boxes or dishes for the other twenty.
    1. hang out with parents and relax!
    way better then working man. money aint all
  6. Meh, I'd go on the cruise.  You never know if that opportunity will come again, but work will part of your life for the next 50 years.  Trust an old guy on this one, go on the cruise.  Work will ALWAYS be around.
  7. I'd stay and work. Future is more important than having fun atleast for me.
  8. Work

    Get them chedda biscuits
  9. Flip a coin?

    No idk man. You can always make money but you can't always have family time.

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  10. Just work, man. At least you'll have the house to yourself for 10 days. 
    Besides, if you go on the cruise, that's 10 days of fun, and then you have nothing for the rest of the summer..no job, no money...
    It all works out for the best...and next Fall you'll have plenty of fun at college...
  11. cruise dude why work in a hot sweaty greasy pizza place making a little over minumum wage when hou could be lounging in the caribbean sippin a pina colada?
  12. I would pass on the cruise. While your parents are gone you can throw massive parties and have fine bitches sleep over and stuff. Good luck!
  13. Work on that guap.

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  14. Go on the cruise. You'll have a blast. You'll have something to look back on and remember.
    You can find another job delivering pizza. Do you have to tell them that's why you need time off? Maybe you can keep the job.
  15. If your boss is chill just tell him to give you a break for 10 days or however long the cruise is.
    Im sure you can start work after you get back from the cruise.
  16. Your young put in your work now so when you'r older your not working as hard. Hard work pays off man.
  17. Work hard now. Get rich. See the world......In that order.
  18. Feel like I need to step up and just work dont know why im hesitant and feel bad not going
  19. I'd totally go on the cruise. It's only a job and sounds like you have enough initiative to find another one when you get back from the cruise if your current one wont take you back.
    Family time is golden, worth way more than some green paper that is worth less and less every day you save it for.

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