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what would you do if

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by calories, May 21, 2010.

  1. you found out that your underage family member is a small time weed dealer?

    while in principle i would support him, but it sounds like a stupid/dangerous thing for a kid to do

    I mean they're just flipping nick bags to a handful of kids at school but still :/
  2. by the way this is a hypothetical situation ^^
  3. i wouldnt really care lol selling weed to kids at school or something isnt really dangerous they jsut have the risk of getting caught but its not like they are selling kilos fo coke and have the risk of getting shot or something lol
  4. Hypothetical... of course ;)

    I certainly wouldn't encourage it. Even if they didn't get in trouble with the law, the school would kick them out if they were caught (my school kicked people out just for possesion). It's not really worth risking your education just to make a little extra money. I'd advise them to at the very least keep it out of school.
  5. I would tell him to keep it off school grounds, weed + school = big nono, he runs a pretty big risk of getting caught and if he get's caught he'd be screwed twice as bad as possession.

    (at least thats how it was at my school)
  6. Yeah I wouldn't support dealing in school... One of my buddies back in the day go exspelled for dealing and got kicked out of school... not worth the few bucks hes making now... to the big buck he can be making after school.
  7. first i would tell him he can make his own choices grant it i wouldent agree with it. as long as hes not dealing it out of my house to were i could get in trouble too, and he understands the dangers and risks, its his choice
  8. First i was say NEVER deal at the school. Second i would see how much they have at one time..if its 3oz or smaller then i would be ok. Third i would ask WHO he/she deals too...cus if its just your group of friends then its ok...but randoms create risk of getting busted.

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