What would you do if weed was legal?

Discussion in 'General' started by ismoke13, May 26, 2010.

  1. for those of us who aren't fortunate enough to have it legalized it's spoken about a lot, at least among my group of stoner pals.. so what would you do if it was legal? buy it at your local convience stores? drive to your dealers house? smoke the joints sold at gas stations? still rip your favorite bowl? i would love to hear your thoughts

    p.s. i didn't think this belonged in the legalization forum seeing how it isn't very progressive towards legalization, but were stoners, half the time were not productive anyway
  2. I would grow it. Thats about it.
  3. Smoke more. I can't right now bc I have to get a job.

  4. I would definitely grow. And just smoke in public all the damn time
  5. Hopefully they would have Coffee Shops here, so all us stoners can hang and smoke together. No TVS , and No Alcohol, Just pot, a leisurely hangout and rad tunes.
  6. the day that its legalized im gonna buy an ounce, go to central park and just light up anybody wanting to smoke. the great nyc smokeout lol
  7. I'd probably smoke a little more than I do now. Maybe grow. Honestly, for me it wouldn't really be much of a difference. Personally I pretty much treat it like it's legal, I mean, I won't smoke outside of say, a police station, but, you get the picture. I might buy more at a time just because I could pay using my debit card instead of being shackled to cash. That's really it though.
  8. buy it where ever i could? smoke it outta incredibowl? bongage? joints blunts. whateve man
  9. Be happy that there wouldn't be one of these threads made twice a week.
  10. This. As soon as I figured the logistics out I would be at the bank with a business plan. Set up a fat grow and sell to vendors.

    Get in right off the get-go and I would be set.
  11. *Ding ding ding* we have a winner
  12. Will cannabis prices go up or down?

    I take it all illegal dealers will be out of business as everyone will buy from local places that sell weed. So will the prices be cheaper or more expensive in these places? Cheaper because so many people will be growing? Or expensive just because thats how things go?
  13. I'm pretty sure prices would go down. I remember reading an article in either Time or Rolling Stone (the latter seems more likely) a few months back that talked about how dealers are going out of business in medical states, especially California, because they just can't afford to sell at prices that dispensaries do.
  14. Find the cop that arrested me and blow big fat bong hits in his frickin' face.
  15. Oh ok. Yeah I live in SoCal... no mj card though...When we vote to officially legalize it or not Im betting most dealers/homegrowers(who don't grow for medicinal purposes) will be voting no. As it would ruin their income
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  17. :hello:
  18. id do some heroin to celebrate.
  19. I dunno, smoke weed? Eat some pot brownies? I know!! Open a coffee shop that sells espressos that make you high! Also gotta have the hash cookies!
  20. I would smoke a record amount of it. I would in the worlds first known pot coma. And it would rock!

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