what would YOU do for dan pat.

Discussion in 'General' started by TankOne, Sep 14, 2009.

  1. title says it all boys, what would you do, to have your way with dan pat.
  2. i would wait till she turns 18 in like 2 years.
  3. vot vot in my butt. you gotta really pernounce it like a russian
  4. Whip my dick out ? :rolleyes:

    My current gf > Dan Pat
    My ex gf > Dan Pat
  5. is this serious? this bitch was 18 fuckin years ago shes a porn star...
  6. pics or shens, thats a fat check to cash.
  7. google dan pat, or anal brooke
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    She's a porn star? I don't think so man... she seems to be some random myspace chick whose photos are everywhere now. She looks young to me but obviously those pictures could be a couple years old.
    i don't believe she's actually been in a pornographic film. unless you can prove otherwise. cite a source or something lolz.
  9. She looks like any other scene girl, I'm sure it would be easier to pick one of them up than a porn star.
  10. Not a damn thing. I have no interest in porn stars.
  11. not film but she does nude "model" if you will i call that porn
  12. I can give a fuck if you believe it or not... I've posted pics up on this site before, if you care enough, search for them.

    You near Texas ? If I have to show you myself, I'd rather it be face-to-face.

    Until then, keep on dreaming about porn stars you're jerking off to.

  13. i searched name the thread make it easier on me.:cool:
  14. Nude modeling? All I can find of her is pictures that look like they're off myspace.
    There's like one where she has her breasts exposed, but I can't find any actual nudes.
  15. my buddy found an archive with like 200 pics of her, more than half were all naked take safe search off on google ;)
  16. I will admit she is pretty hot though.

    She 18 ?
  17. Check your PM's so we don't keep cluttering up your thread.

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