What would the world be like if the Allies lost WWII

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  1. World War 2 was like the ultimate good vs evil battle for the fate of the world luckly the Allies won but what if we lost to the Axis maybe because Germany built the nuclear bomb before us or something what would things be like today?
  2. IN before thread is derailed into discussion whether America should have dropped the Atomic bomb or not.

    (Sorry, but we all know every World War II thread devolves into this)
  3. read 1984 by George Orwell.

    thats exactly what it would be like. written during the area shortly after WWII. predicting what the world would be like in 1984.

    shocking how good he is as a writer, quick read too!
  4. There's books out there like that,they also have some about if the South had won the Civil War.
  5. Watch deadlist warriors
  6. There would probably be less jews...
  7. It would be gay.

  8. That's what the world is currently turning into. Every time I read that book there's something new I can apply to the world we live in.
  9. We would be speaking German.

  10. that is why 1984 is my favorite book of all time. :hello:
  11. We would be speaking Deutsch weil die Achsenmächte würde die Welt regieren.
  12. Lol i read Allies as Aliens.
    Now im disapointed
  13. no weed.
    no U.S army.
    no U.S
    no hawaii
    no weed. :(
  14. Well to start, this would all be in German...actually this wouldn't even exist. Niether would any of us.

  15. I thought that I was the only one :D

    If the allies lost WWII, they would have risen up and took out the evil empire at least within 10 years of surrender.
  16. I don't think that the Japanese or Germans would ever have been able to successfully annex the U.S. because regardless of whether they beat our troops or not, militias would have formed and they'd never have let go of the U.S. peacefully.

    There were just too many guns and people who knew how to use them for us ever to have been truly conquered 50+ years ago, but with all of the recent advancements being made in the field of military technology, the future might not be so certain.
  17. i think that the world would look like terminator salvation but instead of terminators we wpuld be fighting nazi
  18. There is a book called Man in the High Castle, I think it's by Phillip K. Dick, that takes place after the axis wins. Pretty crazy and, as you might imagine, sad.
  19. there was a TV show on spike called something along the lines of "Alternate Reality" thats first episode was exactly this.

    i cant remember much besides the fact that what they predicted was absolutely awful.

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