What would Jarid do? (funny for people in USA)

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by hummercash, Jan 6, 2004.

  1. I was staying at my aunt and uncle's house over Christmas vacation last week. The 'adults' all went out to eat pretty much every night, so us young folk (me, my cousins and my sister) stayed home and smoked a lot. One night, after my aunt and uncle had come home, my cousin calls up his dealer and decides to have him drive over. He goes outside (at 1am), walks about 20 feet to the dealers car, buys his shit and comes back... the entire time, his dad (my uncle) was watching him through his 2nd floor window.

    Now, my uncle is a cool guy. He smokes every now and then and for the most part is pretty chill when it comes to this sort of stuff. But my cousin is just a wise ass and they start going at it, back and forth. Then all of a sudden my cousin goes "Wait a second dad..." he pauses for a few seconds and then says "It's ok, I had Subway for lunch."

    I start laughing so hard my eyes start to tear up. I ended up going to my room where I laughed for a good 15 minutes before falling asleep ;p

    In the end, my cousin was grounded for 2 days. If that had been my mom, I would have been grounded for 2 years. My cousin had his dealer come over as soon as his grounding was up so we could stock up for the rest of the week (I'm not from Philly so I didn't have anyone to call to get weed during that 2 day grounding).

  2. hahahahahaha such a good response
  3. LMFAO, I would pay big money to have been there
  4. i would laughed much longer than 15 minutes,that must have been priceless
  5. were you stoned??? that sounds really funny ida prally laughed forewver, stoned or not
  6. nah, we were out of bud that night... which is why he had his dealer come by. we didn't get to smoke for another 2 nights after that :(

  7. I dont get it...lol I'm sure its funny...I know who jarid is from subway...but I dont get the whole thing...explain pls someone!!!!
  8. theres 2 new kinds of subway commercials...ones where people ask jared what he would do, and those make me wanna jam a pencil into my eye, and the other ones where someone does something ridiculous like eat a whole box of cookies and say "its ok i had subway for lunch"
  9. Ya, Jared really pisses me off. "Hey guys, Im Jared, and I used to be a big fat loser, but then I lost like 200 pounds, so now Im just a loser. And that judge commercial, ugh, I have to change the channel right away. Cant stand it.
  10. "I'm actually going to frame these pants"....why the hell would you want to show off how fat you used to be??
  11. That was hilarious, though.
  12. LMFAO
    It was funny as hell just sittin here and reading it. I could imagine being you hearing it in person. lol

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