What Would It Take To Make You Quit

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  2. id quit for lots of things.

    Like, if some1 kidnapped my mom and would somehow know when i smoked and would kill my mom if i smoked, then i would stop.

    Or if weed started to fuck up my life, id stop.
  3. well i quit til i move out of my parents house. or til it bugs me enough.
    i respect their rules too much
  4. me wanting to an nothing else. If i dont want to do something i cant do it.
  5. qft. or if someone gave me some reasons on how marijuana is bad for me and will hurt me.
  6. well i'll say what i wouldnt quit for: some bitch(there are millions of em), a job, authority(probation maybe, but there are ways around it), my rents(but im wayyyy past them even asking), and THE MUTHAFUCKIN MAN!

    what i would quit for:_________________________________
  7. If I was being randomly drug tested and/or possession of Marijuana resulted in the death penalty.

  8. were not to far off. i bet any time in jail kills you a little
  9. I'd quit for a good job. As in like they test regularly. I know it would suck, but I would just start doing other drugs hah.
  10. If I got caught by parents then I'd quit until I moved out or until school started again and I could live on campus again.

    To quit forever....I dunno it'd have to be something drastic. Some weird discovery that it causes cancer or some shit.
  11. If it caused brain damage.
  12. Maybe if a loved family member saw me smoking, had a heart attack and then died. I might have to quit :/

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