What would it take for you to cut early?

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  1. So what would it take for you to cut an 8 week strain in 7 weeks?

    Need room for up and comers.
    Out of bud and jonsin.
    Problems with grow.
    I always cut a week early.
    I never cut a week early.
  2. I usually have a sacrificial lamb so to speak, that I harvest early. That way I have some smoke while the rest of the grow finishes. I just took a few small buds off one of my plants today.

    As for smell, that hits way before the last week. So if smell is an issue you shouldn't be growing.

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  3. I hope people are not avoiding the poll simply because others can view poll results to see who put what. I just figured it saved people from having to explain what/why they voted how they did. After reading enough on here you get a feel for who people are and can check out their grows etc...

    And mjmama I agree on smell but I have a buddy who cuts a week early because of the mounting smell while I would not have an issue with it. I like the sampler platter too :D
  4. I grow perpetual and usually I throw in a couple off cycle so I always have something for myself.
    The only thing would make me harvest early is a mega pest infestation or solid information that the law was on my ass. Not on your poll options.
  5. Well my house got broken into and I was robbed at gun point while I had plants vegging...I had state police and detectives standing right next to the closet they were in and they didn't see them.

    Although a did cut mine a little early at 9weeks in flower because my father is staying at my house this week
  6. I can't think of a reason to cut early. I'm all legal, but I guess if there was a fire in my house I'd chop as quick as I can and take what I could. That would be the only reason.
  7. i'd go ahead and consider police suspicion as a problem with the grow so yall can check that if it'd be your reason.

    Glad to see I'm not the only one who would cut out of necessity of smoke. lol
  8. You didn't consider another reason for harvesting early, which can be arguably unpreventable depending on the circumstances; the only other factor in my opinion that would be deemed acceptable (other than the latter option) to harvest early, which I have had to do a few times in the past.

    A plant turning hermaphroditic.
  9. PO-LICE! That is all :smoke:

  10. I think that would fall under the 'problem with grow' umbrella as well.
  11. Well I couldn't find a suitable choice either. But I chose problem with the grow, because a storm came through my town and snapped the top 3 branches off one of my best plants. I was considering harvesting one plant early and the rest later so i could have different highs. But I decided against it. Now I have about 2.5 good bushy females about a week from harvest with about 2 ounces that should be dried by the time I'm ready to harvest. Also I'm drying in a slightly sketchy spot. An abandonned barn off the railroad tracks. This will be my test to see if it is safe to dry there. I'd rather get the 2 ounces stolen then my whole grow.

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