what would happen

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by MMan, Sep 25, 2009.

  1. if i smoked a bowl of freshly picked bud
  2. somebody told me it wouldn't even get you high. never tried it m'self though.
  3. would hardly burn to, lots of moisture in it
  4. wouldn't like burning, and would be really harsh with all those fresh uncured sugars too.
  5. plus u will be smoking nutes with it to lol
  6. i did this the other day and i got smacked. it was really hard to light tho but it worked out
  7. just lit up a bowl of it, crystals all over. i have a head high kicking in, im gonna go make a sandwich and ill update in a few
  8. 2 bowls of this and ill be high as fuck, that sandwich tasted good as fuck
  9. yeah, too much moisture. You wont like it.
  10. ya haha that shit works.

    well now i have this waste of a plant that i don't feel like wasting.. what would happen if i smoked the leaves and what not?
  11. Is this freshly picked bud that was ready for harvest or an early sample?

    If the bud was picked when ready for harvest then it will get you buzzed as well as that same bud would if it were properly dried and cured. But as others have said it may not light well and will taste bad, could give you a headache.

    If it was an early sample, then it depends how early.
  12. just throw it in the microwave for 10second bursts or less and it will dry out and burn fine but will still be a bit harsh but still get you high

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