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  1. Hello all, firstly i would like to say i love this site its awesome. Secondly i would like to ask a newbie question. If i were to put my already germinated seedling in a pot and let it grow outside right now what would happen? I say this because your not supposed to grow at this time outside. If it has anything to do with the growth i live in florida. Would it not grow at all? Flower randomly or just veg?
  2. It would die fairly soon, as nature intended. MJ is an ANNUAL plant that sprouts in the spring and dies in the autumn, when in nature it releases seeds for next spring. (But we discourage seeds!)
  3. so do you think that it would be a good idea putting it on CFL's for a while and doing SOG outside?
  4. The plants rely on how long they're exposed to light to move from one growth stage to the next. If you wanted to grow outside at all, you'd have to wait until next season for the daylight hours to be right for vegging or flowering anyways. If you want to grow now, I'd suggest an indoor setup, and if you want to grow outdoors, I'd recommend just waiting until the spring to start.
  5. You must decide if you are to be an indoor or outddor grower. People who try to mix the two lighting systems always come to grief.
  6. SoG involves more than one plant so I'm not sure what you mean. But since you are in Florida, you could get away with planting now. The only thing is she will go straight to flower outside and you won't get much. You could always manipulate the light schedule by having a light on to extend the "day," but this isn't the most practical way.
  7. so she would flower at like how many inches? will it be atleast a few grams lol? thanks guys this forum rocks
  8. Well I remember watching a grower start a seed under 12/12 lighting. It vegged for about 2 weeks until it began flowering. It finished about a foot high and yielded something around a 1/2 oz I think. His was indoors though, so it might work differently for you outside. That's the general idea though, it will veg itself until it gives in to the flowering hormones produced by the short days.
  9. Hey Killafx -

    IMHO with you living in FL and their OUTRAGEOUS MJ laws, the risk of planting a lady outside right now is not worth it. You will risk too much in the way of smell and being spotted and wont yield much since it's sooooooooooo late in the year.

    If you're set on growing outside, do some googling on sun coverage times for your area. I forget the link but there are sites out there that will show you the specific hours of sun your area gets - once it's less than 13hrs thats when your outside plant will begin to flower. So you can tell when to plant in spring and when she'll flower.

    But again, IMHO, I'd highly recommend you grow indoors to avoid being popped. FL is a real shitty state when it comes to recognizing MJ as a valuable assett to society. They'll rape ya for cultivation.

    Plus, arent you like experiencing a hurricane right now??? hahah...
  10. wow interesting kamel, thanx you have been the only person to be able to tell me a ball park figure. And klutter i agree with you totally florida is wack for that. Only prob is im broke as hell and dont have money for a good lgihting system. But just out of curiosity how do people deal with rains when they grow outdoors? atleast in miami we have rains that last hours and hours and i have heard that MJ is a plant that gets over watered easily.
    Might just buy a pack of some cfls or jack them from home depot

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