what would happen if you put vegitable oil in a bong?

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  1. ok so lets say i take a bong and instead of water use vegitable oil and i smoke some bowls then took the vegitable oil and ate it later on when im not high since thc is fat soluble wouldnt the oil collect the smokes thc then i could drink it is know nasty :yummy: but couldnt that get you high just like cannaoil would and i may just be the first person to think of this so if u have the time could you do it and post back how it goes.
  2. You invented it, you test it.
  3. Yah but then your taking the thc out of your hits and into the oil. But if you want the edible go for it
  4. Try it please
  5. Sounds plausible. Id advise cooking with it instead of chugging it
  6. i thought the same exact thing before, exccept with using beer, have fun tryin it though
  7. i cant i ran out of weed and this idea popped into my head i mean to be able to smoke then clean up by drinking it and getting high from smoking a little then the oil will kick in when the first high is over.
  8. interesting...should make for a cool 'bong noise' too....blub blub blub

    on a side note I once put tequila in a bong..I hate tequila, makes my stomach turn..but for some reason it tasted delicious in the bong....sweet and smooth.
  9. Oil is flammable. If you pull the slide out a little messily, the next time you spark up, may not be so fun.

    That aside, inhaling oil is quite bad for your lung tissue and surprisingly very dangerous. Even without the risk that heat could create even-more-harmful oil vapor, you're still pulling small particles of oil into the air, and into your lungs. The presence of even small amounts of concentrated animal fat or cooking oil in the lungs, can cause lipid pneumonia, which is very difficult to treat, and causes permanent scarring and reduced lung function/capacity, which may continue to deteriorate, even long after the 'pneumonia' is gone.
  10. Well thats a downer. What if he had the oil in a perc of some shit so it couldnt light. And the whole pneumonia thing. Gotta fix that to.
  11. well sorry mr buzz kill haha
  12. ok how about to stop the oil getting into ur lungs you put a cloth at the top of the bong to filter the oil in the smoke
  13. anddd i just thought about ur post your thinking its car oil i mean vegitable oil its not flammable.

  14. Yes it is...
  15. Or you could just make oil with a gram:confused:
  16. :rolleyes:Oh and next let's make an ice cream sundae in a bong and use firecrackers to light it.
  17. No. It has a lower flash point than gasoline and diesel. Think about it, they use it flash fry french fries and onion rings and all sorts of goodies at super high tempertures. Think about how we use it in our kitchens, if it was flammable all of our kitchens would have been burnt up by now. And people use it to fry turkeys too!!!! I saw someone do that, I swear, I didn't eat it, but they fried a turkey!!!!
  18. I use one of my old spoons for cereal in the morning if you wanna be creative. Seriously works great just clean it out.
  19. im just sayin it would be cool and possible

  20. You've honestly never heard of a grease or oil fire in someone's kitchen? It definitely happens dude, and I imagine it would be even worse if it took place that close to your face, just sayin'...

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