what would happen if i mixed my plants nutrients....

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  1. in a water bottle instead of a gallon of water?

    im using the lucas formula which is 8ml micro and 16ml bloom per gallon...could i just mix 8ml micro and 16ml bloom in a normal plastic water bottle? it would still have the same amount of nutrients

    what about a liter of water instead of a gallon?

    if not, is there any way i could change up the measurements in order to a liter instead of a gallon?
  2. 1 ml is equivalent to one cc. There is 3785.4118 cc or ml in a US gallon.

    Why would it matter the size of the bottle? As long as the ratio of water to nutrients is kept it wouldn't matter if you mixed it in a shot glass or a swimming pool
  3. oh and this question has nothing to do with watering.....i get plenty of rainwater....just involving giving it the nutes!

    maybe give it the nutes mixed in a water bottle right before or during a rain?
  4. you dont understand my question...im saying using the measurements for a gallon of water...can i take those measurements and just put it in a plastic bottle of water? so it would be way more concentrated then if in the gallon, but i have a lot of plants and its so hard bringing like 30 gallons of water to my spot which is hard as hell to get it every week, so im wondering if i can just carry a few cases of ro drinking water bottles instead
  5. Are you asking if your nutes can be mixed in water and then stored that way? Otherwise it don't really matter what material your container is made out of as long as you have a gallon jug. Fill the jug at least 1/4 full so it has some water in it. Dump your nutes in, fill the rest with water and mix. From there you can pour it into smaller containers, or keep it in that container until you are ready to use it.
  6. oh my god i really dont see whats so hard to understand,

    what would happen if i took the amount that goes into a gallon of water, used that same amount in a 1/2 liter bottle of water, and then used that bottle of water with the full amount of nutes for one plant?

    nothing to do with storing, i would rather carry a 24 pack of bottled water to my spot vs carrying 24 gallon jugs of water to my spot, theres no natural water to get anywhere around my spot so i have to bring it all in.
  7. Well, considering that there are eight 1/2 liters in a gallon, you basically gave them 8x the dose. If you really dumped that much nutes in your pot, you might want to flush it out with water.
  8. but i dont understand...if i mixed it in a gallon it would have 8ml of micro and 16ml of bloom, why can i not just mix that in a bottle of water? its the same amount of nutrients just let water mixed with

  9. Nice job asking a question and then getting pissy because you can't get your shit straight.

    Yes you are capable of doing what you are asking, it is physically possible. But your gonna poison them by not following the proper dosage. DUH!!!
  10. When you add more water its diluted or thinned out. If you do not use as much water as recommended, then it will be stronger. We are talking about the ratio of plant food vs water. The amount of plant food that you use stays the same no matter what container, but a smaller container holds less water. If you use the same dose on a smaller container, its stronger because you are not diluting it as directed.
  11. In the future just calculate your dose for a gallon. Or if you understand how to calculate it so that you can insure that your ratios are correct, then use different sizes. I find that a gallon jug works just fine for me since I can use a half gallon on a single plant no problem.

    In this case however you may burn the plant pretty bad by giving them this strong of a dose. It might not be bad to flush that out with water.
  12. alright thanks man thats what i was looking for,

    hmm well what if i did the water bottle thing, but i did it just before or during a good rain? how would that play out?
  13. I don't understand your question. Sorry, I don't know what a good rain has to do with anything. You just mix everything in a gallon water bottle which is simple. If it requires 8 TSP per gallon and you use a half liter container instead, then you just calculate for the container size. If you use a container which is 1/8 the size of recommended, you multiply your concentrate by that. In this case 8 * (1/8) =1 TSP. The ratio should always go according to the feeding schedule. The container size is irrelevant.
  14. He just wants to give them the same strength dosage for a gallon but only concentrated in a water bottle. It won't work dude rain got nothin to due with it. You don't want to carry a shitload of water to your site but you want them well fed, I get the question but I don't get why you don't get the answer. You cannot just mix it in a water bottle with the same concentration as if it was in a gallon jug, won't work. Your gonna give your girls a toxic amount of nutrients.

    Go get some pelletized slow release stuff and ammend your topsoil with that.
  15. You may think the rain dumping on your plants is a lot, but if you leave your grow pot out and measure how much it got (after one good rain where I live got less than 3/4 of a gallon) so if you do as what im taking is pre mixing your nutes and just dumping it on the plants and letting rain take over is not good. 1. No real idea on how much water your getting, and depending how close your plants are some of them may get nutes from other plants making them burn easier.
  16. Ok. Let me try to help. Your car oil pan holds 5 qts, but you decide you don't want to change your oil every 5000 mile, so instead you add 10 qrts. Your engine hates you and expels shortly thereafter, because to much oil is as bad as not enough. You either follow the directions or you don't. There are consequences with every choice. Some good consequences, some bad.
  17. don't mix your nutes like that.

    the high concentrations will lock each other out.

    always add a nute to the full amount of water you plan on using that you measured the nute out for, mix it around, then add the next nute to the full amount and mix it around, ect, ect, ect, ect until you mix all of your nutes.

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