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What would cause the 2 different highs?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Johnywilks, Jan 20, 2011.

  1. First time ever smoking- I got really loud, hypo, sorta stupid. Wanted to go out and do things.

    2nd time- Got really lazy, didnt want to get out my chair, just watched everyone else go hypo and stupid, most the time when people talked to me i couldnt be bothered talking back.

    What could have caused the 2 completly different highs???
    what should i be expecting next time
  2. different genetics of the weed. the two main types are sativa and indica...

    the first one you had was probably sativa, which is a more cerebal, mind high (although some will hit the body), also very energetic and uplifting.

    the second was indica, which affects the body more and really makes you couch locked, numb, not wanna do much and jus chill on the couch haha.
  3. different strains cause different highs

  4. Sativa - Clear, cerebral highs. Uplifting and sometimes energetic. Good for working out, doing tasks that require movement, focusing.

    Indica - Stoney, numb, couchlock. Relaxing and medicinal. Good for thinking, reflection, music, movies, ect.

  5. Lol we just said the exact same thing in some of the exact same words lol. I began posting before you edited.
  6. How do i know if its sativa or indica , before i smoke it?
  7. Well, in short you don't. Not if it's coming from a dealer anyways, unless its a dealer who's close to a grower or IS a grower.

    If you are getting dispensary, they probably have the stats on there.

    Some characteristics are more common in some strains than others. For example, "purple" and "white" strains are often indicas.
  8. puprle = indica
    sativa = orange

    if im not wrong?
  9. may sound stupid. But i thought it was all just shades of green ??
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    The herb can be many different colors with varying colors of hairs, trichomes, and buds.
  11. ive never seen anything like that , here in oz. Its pretty much all the same stuff (its just green)
  12. oz?

    Well, if it's in America, if you search hard enough, you will find it. I've had 3 purple strains so far, 1 black one, and 2 or 3 orange ones. And my area is FAR from notorious with herb,
  13. oz = australia


    it all just looks like that ( looks like shit compared to those pics you just showed) what would that be?
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    Well I cant really tell from that picture, macro pictures would be better.

    But evens still, one cannot determine by simple looking at it most times, unless it has purple or white typically. And even then it only denotes dominance which means it could be Indica 51% and Sativa 49%. There just is no practical, 100% way to know which of the strains it is. This is even more true with mids or schwag, tho I've heard they are typically indica due to growing convenience and yields.
  15. one more question. Does the same strain have different effects on different people. Because me and my mates all smoked the same stuff. They were all hypo and shit and i was just chilling out sitting in the same chair for like 2 hours looking at the trees and stars ( not sure why i was doing that)
  16. Well, I was going to say the difference is probably indica and sativa.But I'm guessing your friends smoked the same stuff and it seems like you each experienced a different high.

    This can be from your mindset. Maybe you were tired and stuff before you smoked and it just helped to relax you even more?

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