What works best for bad headaches?

Discussion in 'General' started by Biggreenjake, Jul 9, 2011.

  1. Just wondering if I should use indica or sativa for migraines? Because I've been having bad migraines lately and no pain pills help me at all!
  2. Sativa. If I'm not mistaken, a headache is a lack of blood to the brain so that should speed it up.
  3. Feel around the top of your eyes socket. Near the center of that bone you should feel a sort of notch. Push hard on that for 5 seconds, it should hurt a decent amount and your eyes may water. Do this every now and then until your headache is gone. It releases endorphins right in your dome, which are stronger than morphine. It works, trust me.

    Also, smoke a fuckload of weed, that always works for me.
  4. do what crafter said, it does work...although I wouldnt go as far to say endorphins are stronger then morphine.

  5. Although I'm not positive about it I recall the story of a hiker who broke both his legs and crawled 26 miles to be rescued, as soon as he saw he was going to survive the pain became unbearable and he couldn't move at all anymore. I think that we as humans are never in life-threatening situations anymore where all of our evolutionary prowess can shine, we don't need all the endorphins we could release, so we don't.

    Once again, not positive on that, could easily be wrong. I do know morphine is one hell of a drug tho, not necessarily a great pain killer but I didn't know what the fuck was going on what I had it, so it works good enough. :laughing:

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