What words do you live by.

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  1. I have LOADS of phrases which I like to think sum up different parts of my ideas on life. The ones in my sig are some ones that I like v v much. I also like:

    "He who dies with the most toys. Still dies."
    "If you're not living on the edge you're taking up too much space."
    "Everyone is someone else's weirdo."

    and my most important (lifted from a Sick Of It All Song -I Beleive):
    "Joy diffines success."

    If you see any "EDIT"s here then that just means that I have added more quotes.
  2. "MY only fear of death in reincarnation"
  3. "When i die, to St Peter at the gates i shall tell,
    one more soldier reporting sir,
    i've served my time in hell."
  4. I'll have to come back and "edit" too because this is a "thinker" thread and it takes me awhile to do anything CLOSE to thinking ;) j/k

    but I do live by the golden rule: treat others as you would like to be treated.
    and of course "judge not, lest ye be judged thyself" etc.

    karma is a theme i live by, and have plenty of quotes saved on that but i'll edit/add when i have more time :D
  5. They aren't really "words" that I live by but more of ideas.

    You have to do what makes you happy. To live life in misery isn't living life in my eyes. So, if something in my life is making me unhappy, then I change it.

    I think that people should stand by their convictions and not be wishy-washy on a subject. I feel strongly about the things I believe in; but at the same time, I try to have an open mind because someone else may have a certain way of looking at something that could allow me to see it in a different light.

    Ohh, ignorance is NOT bliss. I stand firm on that one.

    Honesty's the best policy. I tend to be a little too honest for my own good, though.

    I also refuse to pretend to like someone I don't like. It's fake and a waste of time and energy. People who act like they like someone and then talk about them behind their back rather to their face make me ill.

    I think people deserve to be treated as well as you would like to be treated. Ganjaphish is right on with that one.

    I really don't like to see others upset or in any kind of pain so I do anything in my power to make things better for them. People deserve to be happy-most of them, anyway.

    I guess that's all my mind is mustering up right now. I may be back!

  6. i like switches first three (just incase he adds more).

    gphishs one i have addapted for myself in a way i've never seen anyone do before... not only should u treat others as you would want to be treated, but treat them as they want to be treated... and in the middle ground you shall find contentment for everyone.

    but generally i don't try to live by words. i try to live by logic.
  7. i've always said eye for a eye, i dunno theres a lot i could say but i'm not high enough to think.

  8. Ok I suppose it was not the right term to use. I would say that I do not LIVE by the words. I just use them to sum up how I already feel about things to other people.
  9. i struggle with even that much switch,

    words are but only one form of communication. but it cannot ever properly express something like that for me.

    anyway... um... i think i kinda killed this thread by thinking about it too much.

  10. yes, logic my friend...logic is very important and all too often lost in the mix..in my opinion
  11. i have to say, once you have fuly grasped the meaning then you analyze more fully in your head, making a part of your subconscience through out llife, a good quote willl build with more and ore meaning like a rubber band ball staying with yuou through the years, it isnt the power of words, its the power of words broken apart and given much more deeper meanings then even the most intelligent man couldnt word, quotes and poems are amazing, i dont live my life by quotes, i think it is more like the quotes live by us, and always arrive when needed
    namron knows what i mean
    peace and serenity
  12. yeah, i know what your sayin, it seems like ive made a post like this before, but yeah, when one truly grabs the meaning behind those words it can change your life, maybe not noticeably but it can affect part of you without knowing it, i know some things on here have changed me, when i read a quote that even remotely touches me, i will read it more, and think about it, and if the authors name is there and i know some background to it i will try to put myself in their shoes and feel what they felt when they said it, also i so totally agree that words make us and we make words...why else would so many of us have them in our signatures??..just a thought
  13. "Do something or get out they way!"

    I feel that people who are slow in life, or who do not feel like living life to the fullest should get the hell out of my way and let me enjoy my life in every moment to the absolute fullest.

    I'm here to enjoy myself, not suffer because everyone else is.

    I am a 19 year old college student and regular pot (not tobacco) smoker, who has had many eye opening experiences in the past year or so. I do see problems with a lot of things in this world. Drugs, violence, etc., however, I believe that people should make their own choices, and if they make the wrong ones, the penalties will impose themselves, without any outside intervention.

    For example, if someone becomes addicted to coke, I do not believe the law should punish them. If they deserve punishment the cocaine will give it to them. Same with everything else.

    We need to take back control in our lives, otherwise we are living in what I call, "false freedom."

  14. "Do what doesnt kill you"


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